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'On our knees but still punching'

The co-author and subject of a new book on achieving happiness through running your own business says micro enterprises are being 'mercilessly discriminated against by this government'. 

Tony Robinson OBE, the micro business champion and veteran #PayIn30Days campaigner, said he hopes that The Happipreneur – Why #MicroBizMatters? may spark an enterprise revolution.

The new 'Small is Beautiful'

Robinson was speaking at the pre-launch of what he and co-author, Taryn Lee Johnston, have labelled "the sequel to Schumacher's 'Small is Beautiful' but with a difference".

"The economics and social values underpinning our book are the same, but the difference is our focus on enterprising lives," said Johnston.

Robinson has spent the last four months supporting the many campaigns for the 3 million people, mostly self-employed, excluded from the government’s coronavirus income support schemes. "It is a disgrace how the UK and USA Governments, unlike most countries, demean the 95 per cent of all businesses with less than five employees and then back the big companies that rip them off.


"The massive debts, poverty, business closures, mental health issues, even suicides are heart-breaking since lockdown. But running your own enterprise is still a happier and more fulfilling option than many of the rubbish jobs now on offer. The brave campaign groups I support, like #ExcludedUK, refuse to be crushed and will fight tooth and nail for parity, equality and inclusivity for the UK's independent business owners."

Walking with the entrepreneurs

Both authors agree that no-one can afford to wait for the revolution any more than they can afford to wait for a vaccine. Johnston explained: "As business owners, Tony and I and all our readers have to just get on with it. It is always a rollercoaster and we expect the unexpected. We hope our guide helps them to avoid the snakes and climb the ladders.

"Tony's story of what he has learned from his own businesses and working with many famous entrepreneurs is important for others to know. It is about how to live an enterprising and happy life. We answer the questions How to become a Happipreneur? and Why #MicroBizMatters?. We call out the fakes and the scammers and provide a blueprint for the establishment on why and how they can level the playing field."

Editor's notes

  1. The Happipreneur - Why #MicroBizMatters? is now available to pre-order from all good bookstores including Waterstones, Amazon and Book Depository. Publisher: Chronos Publishing; ISBN 9781916362147; number of pages: 410 .
  2. Journalists wanting a review copy should email or phone 01522 262687.
  3. The book has a foreword by Tim Campbell MBE, the first The Apprentice Winner, and features many famous entrepreneurs that Tony has worked with. For example, Sir Jim Ratcliffe was a classmate, Lord Sugar was a client and Dick De Vos was his boss when Tony was CEO of Amway UK. Betsy De Vos is Donald Trump's secretary of state for education.  
  4. The book contains the Small is Beautiful Roll of Honour and #MicroBizMatters Hall of Fame, both lists of companies and individuals committed to Schumacher's values and Robinson's #PayIn30Days.
  5. Tony Robinson OBE is the micro business champion, multiple business owner, #PayIn30Days campaigner, co-founder of #MicroBizMatters Day and Movement, Founder of the SFEDI Group, Chair of Yorkshire in Business Limited and Patron of the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank. He has been awarded an OBE for services to small firms and two Lifetime Achievement Awards for Enterprise. He is currently the National Enterprise Network’s Enterprise Support Champion. More:     
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