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www.aaiphones.co.uk was the first company offering an iPad repair service to the public when the iPad first appeared on the market, its engineers were delighted Apple had used an unorthodox construction rendering any attempt at repairing fraught with difficulty. Its chief engineer at the time Russian born Vadim Radkevich  was known to voluntarily seek out challenges regardless of difficulty.

Consumed with curiosity Vadim bought himself a brand new iPad for the sole purpose of dissassembling the new tablet. What he found was a device designed from the ground up to be unserviceable. No known documentation or guides existed at the time leaving Vadim to effectively devise a solution completely blind. Although the pitfalls are well documented now, it was testament to Vadim’s skill and dedication combined with a healthy dose of OCD that allowed him to learn the subtle nuances while making no mistakes.

Two years later this knowledge as now been passed on, aaiphones possesses many talented Engineers able to replicate Vadims founding procedure, building upon them with further refinements and now offering a flawless repair methodology. The company which has now repaired thousands of iPads with broken screens, is able to offer the repair at a substantially reduced price of £79.

While many companies have tried to replicate the iPad screen repair, few are able offer the same level of workmanship, or a state of the art repair facility designed from the ground up to facilitate the perfect repair. The workshop based in Horsforth, Leeds Is now five times its original size after a major redevelopment. The repairs are carried out in a dust free and surgically sterile room to ensure no dust particles are trapped behind the glass after installation.

Aaiphones.co.uk does not offer an on-site repair due to the inability to replicate a dust free environment and logistical problems involving transportation of heavy cutting edge equipment required to do the job properly. It was also decided the shards of glass which are effectively pulverised once removed, presented an unnecessary danger to the public’s health and safety.

As major organisations based in Leeds scramble to replace aging computer hardware powering their IT infrastructure many have decided to equip their workforce with iPads to improve productivity. www.aaiphones.co.uk  boasts a large portfolio of clients consisting of banks and major newspapers which are now considered some of its most loyal customers.  

Now the trusted leader in iPhone iPod and Mac repairs in Leeds, the company can now comfortably add the iPad as another feather in its cap. Combined with the new workshop, level of workmanship and the new astonishingly low prices its competitor’s ability to catch it in this field are vanishingly small. 

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