Since sports are taking a new and different direction, sports journalism has gone to a new level. Now that sports have risen bright in the sky in terms of wealth, power and influence, many people are into it. Being a form of writing reports on sporting topics and competitions, sports journalism is an essential element in any news media organisation. Back in the days, the sports department in some newspapers has been mockingly called the ‘toy department’. This was because the sports journalists did not get fully involved with the ‘serious’ topics.

With the grown importance of sports, there are now some media organisations that are entirely devoted to sports journalism. Some of the magazines are: L’equipe in France, La Gazzetta Dello Sport in Italy, Marca in Spain, The Defunct Sporting Life in Britain and American Sports Illustrated. Also adding to the list are some sports channels/television networks like: Fox Sports, Eurosport, ESPN; Sports radio stations and the likes are: BBC Radio 5 Live, Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio and TSN Radio.

Becoming a Sports Journalist

Sports Journalism is a very competitive yet exciting job. It more than just passion for sports to get into the industry, like any other jobs. It requires excellent writing skills, quality journalism experience, reading, interviewing, fact-checking and good research work to be a sports journalist.


You can start by writing blogs to identify your niche market in sports journalism. This might help you be a bit closer to becoming a sports journalist. Choose the sport you are passionate about because you will have to create a lot of content regularly. Second, you will have to choose a blogging platform to start blogging. Since you are interested in sports journalism, start your sports blog with detail commentary, highlights and the result for that specific sporting event. You will also have to fill your blog with stories and interviews which you will have to conduct with athletes and coaches.

To improve your writing skills as a sports journalist, you will have to read several articles, books, editorials and other opinion pieces written by famous sports journalists. Reading the articles of professional sports journalist will give you a better view of the writing styles and the type of content that is needed to be successful in your career. After this, you can try to write for the school newspaper. All these will also help when you will find a job in sports journalism organizations as an experience in the similar field.

A Degree in Journalism

Since you are interested in becoming a sports reports/journalist, consider earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism or a related degree. Institutions now offer a concentration in sports journalism. This is will you the basic journalism skills which you will need such as editing, reporting, writing and communication ethics. For most entry-level jobs in sports reporting/journalism, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement.

Pros of being a Sports Journalist

Travelling – To covert certain interview or events you may have to travel to a different place where the sports event is taking place

Celebrities – Depending on the type of sports that you cover, you will meet up with sports celebrities and athletes and may have to interview them.

Various sports topics – You will have the chance to cover several sports topics and write about them.

Skills – It will help you develop several skills which you have to learn about but never put in practice – Writing, reporting, headline, editing, writing photography and page design.

Cons of being a Sports Journalist

Odd hours – being a sports journalist requires working odd hours, late shifts, weekends and even holidays

Tired – You may at some point feel really tired of doing the same thing and the same routine every day and miss the social life. It also comprises covering the same topic for years.

Behaviour – You may have to face angry interviewee and bear with all their behaviour. Even if they misbehave, you will not have much of a choice.

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Are you ready to be a sports journalist? Get on the go and chase your dream. Don’t forget to take your passion for sports along. 

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