Title: SPROUTBOX the one STOP for sustainable living, from stuff for the home to building a home

We are the first one STOP site for sustainability. British designed and built products, modular housing, bespoke homes, furniture design, we have it all in one place.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business, we look at all aspects from the sourcing and sale of sustainable products to the construction of your sustainable home. We are Lincoln based but offer UK wide services across all residential and business planning issues.

We aim to be the one stop for everything sustainably British, from something for your home to a home.

SPROUTBOX is a company born of frustration by two friends Barbara Griffin and Kate Plumb. They met when Barbara was presenting a talk for Nerd Nite Lincoln on “Licking Churches’ . This was actually about appreciating architecture in new ways. Nerd Nite which was an evening of talks, live music, art and always a little bit of mischief, run by Kate. At Nerd Nite the pair became Nuclear Confusion, where they brought large scale interactive science experiments to the general public. Such as their homemade giant smoke canon, constructed from a shower curtain and dustbin, shooting cups off the heads of the participating audience.

SPROUTBOX provides homegrown innovative design in green and sustainable housing, from the very seed of an idea. SPROUTBOX aim to maximise the quality of people's lives, their happiness and subjective well-being. We want to break with long standing traditions of how our homes are constructed, utilising new technologies and traditional lost methods. SPROUTBOX has a team of architects, designers, and business people working together for this common goal.

We sell what we love….. and we love what we sell, everything we sell tells a story. Whether it's the vintage ophthalmic set unearthed in an attic, the environmentally considerate and sustainable products we adore or the quirky upcycled items guaranteed to be the centre of conversation. We also believe ourselves to be the only supplier of thinking hats in the UK, if not the world. All of our good ideas start underneath a hat.

Sustainability is the only answer moving forward. At SPROUTBOX sustainability is a fundamental aspect of all our buildings. Our projects integrate and showcase innovation to enhance the environment within which we all live. We are interested in all aspects of sustainable living, with close attention to local and national economies as a means to boost sustainability. Creating close-knit and positive environments in which to work and live. The home, a flexible living space, a place where contemporary design meets functionality.

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