Made 16th October 2008 at 09.00 hours (London Time)

My client vigorously maintains his innocence and is devastated by the guilty verdict against him and the severe and unnecessary sentence handed down. Needless to say, an appeal against the verdict and sentence will be lodged by local lawyers without delay. As previously stated by my client, he has been quick to concede that he had drunk too much on the day of the incident that has led to this case, but has, along with his co-defendant, Michelle Palmer, consistently and vehemently denied the charges of having indecent relations.

It is apparent that what is on trial here is not so much the perceived extent of an entirely innocuous encounter between two adults, but more the acute schism between two separate cultures that have come together in a state that has been rapidly developed with the express intention of attracting Westerners to work or vacation in what is a Muslim nation. My client readily recognises the need to observe the local laws and customs, but believes that his brief (and innocent) encounter with Michelle Palmer should not be utilised by the Dubai authorities to determine these moral dilemmas to the detriment of himself and Michelle.

Andrew J. Crossley
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