TV’s Jesse McClure of Storage Hunters fame popped into Stoke for a coffee with Cheshire-based roaster Black Circle Coffee after the company’s social media feed caught his eye. 

Jesse, who is on a tour of the UK, sent a tweet at the end of 2013 to owner Mark Slinger saying he’d like to meet up as he loved the company’s distinctive branding and it's straight to the consumer marketing strategy. And as he was visiting the country for the first time in 2014, it seemed like the perfect time to arrange a get together. 

“I’m a huge coffee fan and drink it every day. But I hate the way coffee has become now, where quality has been forgone for convenience, particularly among the bigger brands who dominate the high street,” said Jesse. “So when I saw Black Circle’s Twitter feed and its emphasis on delivering fresh, quality coffee I wanted to know more. As I was coming to England in the spring, I suggested we meet up so I could see for myself who the guys behind the business are, and if I could help in some way. I love the branding too as my favourite colours are black and white, as you can see from my wardrobe on the TV show!
“I like a nice strong coffee with a touch of cream and occasionally I like to add a good hazelnut syrup. Since I’ve been staying in the UK though, I’ve not had a single cup as I’ve been trying to get into the English way of life by drinking lots of tea as we only really use it to help you feel better when you’re not well back home.”

The Storage Hunters star, which can be seen on Freeview TV channel Dave, was so impressed by Mark and his team’s passion for coffee he offered to put his name to a new blend to be sold by Black Circle, which will be known as Sideburns Bold after Jesse’s trademark facial hair.

 “It was a real honour to meet Jesse and tell him about our business. He was a lovely guy and when he pledged his support to us, I couldn’t believe it. At first I wasn’t sure if the invitation was genuine but once it appeared it was, I’ve been really excited waiting for the day to come as I’m a massive Storage Hunters fan!” said Mark Slinger.  “We gave him a free bag of coffee and his own portable AeroPress coffee maker so he can make his favourite cup wherever he goes, and have told him he’s always welcome to come and see us anytime he’s in the UK.”

During his visit to the country, Jesse has attended his first football match watching Stoke City FC, hosted a Storage Hunters-style charity auction and tried the famous Staffordshire oatcake for the first time. He will also be making several TV and radio appearances.
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