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In a recent report, business confidence was found to have reached a record high in the Reading area, which is great news for all businesses across the region.

Business confidence, in simple terms is the degree of economic optimism that consumers express through their spending habits and behaviours. This confidence can also be measured through the optimism business leaders feel towards their own company’s future prospects through reviews of their sales figures and profit margins. This confidence is not only great for business growth, but also provides valuable funds for the local economy. Successful enterprises ultimately pay a higher percentage of local taxes which supports the development of their local communities and boosts local morale. 

With the Thames Valley Business Barometer recognising a rise in confidence levels from 31% to 90% in the last year, the future is looking bright for small businesses and large enterprises a like in the reading area.

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Research states that businesses across the region reported staff increases in 6 out of 10 firms in the last six months, with this set to increase towards the end of the year. There are concerns that this increase in job opportunities will put pressure on the demand for skilled staff as supply runs out. However, with more money feeding back into the economy, Reading has the potential to focus more resources on educating the next generation of business minds, something Strategic Five fully support. Managing director Ben Lambert has previously spoken out to entrepreneurs and budding business minds in a hope to inspire young people to consider a career in the business sector. With such great prospects currently predicted for the Reading region, there is a good possibility of an influx of skilled staff and new SME’s in the coming years.

Strategic Five Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm, based in both Reading and Birmingham. The firm act as a vital link between their clients and customers, closing the gap and creating a honest and personal connection between the two. Through innovative marketing campaigns and one on one customer interactions Strategic Five Marketing ensure their clients are getting the most from their campaigns and building a bank of loyal and satisfied customers. This recent report on business confidence is a great boost to the company and allows them the means to get the best possible results for their clients. With business confidence high, Strategic Five Marketing are sure to benefit from many more businesses looking to invest in an effective marketing campaign in order to profit from increased buyer confidence. There is no doubt that these new opportunities are set to provide Strategic Five Marketing with exciting growth plans for the future.

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