The decision to launch this new reporting is part of Strategic Five Marketing’s on-going business development which aims to offer a new streamlined reporting process. Strategic Five Marketing’s regulatory framework is intended to ensure that all work carried out on behalf of clients is consistently maintained at a benchmark set out by their specific industry.

The reporting mechanism will enable suppliers and contractors to submit data in real time, another milestone in Strategic Five Marketing’s effort to strengthen their position as market leaders in the outsourced sales and marketing industry.

By reporting the buying behaviour of potential new customers, Strategic Five Marketing also can help shape improvements to their clients lead management, product USP and sales training.

Some key analysis from the reporting so far includes:

· Consumers are not always brand-loyal

· Over 56% of consumers switch services provider once given a presentation in person by one of our contractors

· UK based customer service call centres are important to 79% of consumers who wish to switch provider

· 35% who conduct online research about a product or service will still purchase in person (rather than online)

Ben Lambert of Strategic Five Marketing states "What the data reinforces is the importance for service providers to understand consumer buying patterns. Some of the data we have fed back to our client base as contradicted their brand efforts. It has been a real eye opener for many. We hope to see customer retention further improve now that we can provide such information in real time for our clients."

"The data has proved invaluable for many of our clients and business partners," said Ben Lambert, MD at Strategic Five Marketing. "By reviewing the information on a regular basis, we help our clients make more informed decisions, identify their competitors, examine which services their customers purchased, and determine how they can change their messaging and processes to complete the lost sales in the future."

Strategic Five Marketing have made this new reporting to each of their clients and plan for it to be a staple in any new campaign implemented by the firm.


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