The outsourced sales and marketing provider rang in the New Year by announcing its 4th quarter revenue exceeded targets by 4% which Strategic Five Marketing’s Managing Director, Ben Lambert claims is just the tip of the iceberg as a new business strategy is rolled out for this year.

“This is a strategy that we're embarking on to expand the business,” Ben Lambert says. “We have had a very steady few years and now it is our time to make a major breakthrough in our market…We're going to be very aggressive in 2013 in growing our business.”

According to Lambert, Strategic Five Marketing’s culture is founded on working with leading UK brands and acquiring talented suppliers. The company’s growth since its establishment in May 2010 has been consistent; the results from last quarter make for a promising start in 2013.

 “We were looking for an opportunity to expand our market reach and help our clients grow their business in terms of prospecting, sales leads, and reactivation," says Ben Lambert. “On the acquisitions side, we are very strong in terms of reporting systems, internal operations and achieving monthly targets, and we plan to maintain these processes as we expand into new markets. I think it's going to be a fantastic year for our brand.”

Strategic Five Marketing is outsourced by British brands that are looking to improve their customer loyalty, brand image and increase sales through face-to-face acquisitions. Based in Birmingham City centre the thriving company are well positioned to extend into the Yorkshire, East Midlands and Greater London areas. ‘Our expansion plans will include moving into new UK cities but will also include a strategy to expand the industries we work within’ clarifies Ben Lambert of Strategic Five marketing.

Ben Lambert adds Strategic Five Marketing will announce additional details of their new strategies later this month.

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