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After finding that close to three-quarters of polled employees feel they could be happier at work if they could focus on what they do best, workplace well-being expert, Michelle McQuaid, the VIA Institute, Live Happy and Formium Development have partnered to launch a new strengths challenge designed to equip participants with tools to identify and leverage their strengths on the job.

To date more than 15 million people around the world have taken surveys to discover their strengths, but the launch of this challenge will mark the first time employees will be given tools to help them leverage their strengths no matter what their job description says or who they’re working for.

According to a study conducted by McQuaid and the VIA Institute earlier this year, over the past decade employees have become increasingly interested in knowing and using their strengths at work. The study found that employees who focus on their strengths – the things they’re good and enjoy doing – are the most likely (65%) to describe themselves as flourishing at work.

This comes as good news to the countless employees who dread going to work each day – and their employers who wonder why they aren’t seeing better performance levels from their workers.  Those struggling for more energy and engagement will find it, the study suggests, if they are able to identify and leverage their strengths. A claim supported by more than a decade of academic research.

Today, Formium Development is inviting its clients and contacts to enrol in the Strengths Challenge from 17th to 21st August 2015. 

During the challenge, each participant will practice an 11-minute Strengths Habit and other skills that will revolutionise the way they approach their daily work routines.  

Challenge participants will: 

  •         Create a small daily habit to develop their character strengths. 
  •         Track online how they’re using their habit until 21st August 2015.
  •         Report what impact their strength habit is having on their performance and wellbeing.
  •         Be supported by a community of other people also practicing strength habits.

 “While studies like mine repeatedly show employees who focus on their professional strengths are more productive and engaged, there have been very few tools to help them develop those strengths at work,” said McQuaid. “With the Strength Challenge, we hope to give employees, and their managers, methods they can use to kick start the process. In the end, we hope to show the world, focusing on strengths has bottom line impact for individual performance and wellbeing.”

“In increasing numbers, employees and managers are recognizing the importance of building upon their strengths as a critical pathway to better performance,” reports VIA Institute’s chairman, Neal H. Mayerson. “This Strengths Challenge will give participants the tools to help them ‘move from what’s wrong to what is strong’.”

Eszter Molnar Mills, Director of Formium Development said, “We’re really excited to encourage people to take part in the Challenge.  At Formium Development we see how our training and coaching clients benefit from harnessing and building on their strengths and this Strengths Challenge could make life more fulfilling for everyone.”

Anyone can sign up for the free Strengths Challenge here:

Findings from the Strengths Challenge will be released in November.

Eszter Molnar Mills, Director of Formium Development is available for comment.

Formium Development is a strengths-based leadership and organisational development consultancy based in North London. They provide training, coaching and consultancy to help managers, teams and organisations work at their best.

Michelle McQuaid is a workplace well-being expert and author of new book, Your Strengths Blueprint. McQuaid specialises in translating cutting-edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies for health, happiness and business success.

The VIA Instituteis a non-profit, positive psychology organisation and the home of the world's largest database on character strengths.

Live Happy is dedicated to promoting and sharing authentic happiness, inspiring people to live purpose-filled, healthy, meaningful lives. They’re a magazine, website, resource and movement about a timeless quest: Living a happy life.

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