have launched a brand new student money advice website which provides a range of money saving articles, comparison guides and useful tools for students.

Students at University can compare a range of services on the site, which includes insurance, broadband, TV packages, shopping websites, travel agencies and jobs portals.

Recently, also launched two unique tools on their site, which includes a weekly student budget planner and a student loans repayment calculator.  The former is a useful guide to managing a weekly budget.  Students can enter their weekly expenditure on things such as accommodation, bills, rent, food, nights out, books and shopping, and the tool will then calculate the total amount they will spend every week or month.

The student loans repayment calculator allows students and graduates to calculate how much money they will have to repay under the governments latest Student Finance scheme.  It contains unique charts and graphs, which show how long until the loan will be paid back in full.  Users can use the simple sliders to edit their borrowing amount and tuition fees charges to see instantly how much they will have to repay.  This includes additional charges such as interest rate and future salaries.

The owners of, who are based in London, stated:

“We launched the Student Money website towards the end of last year in order to provide solid student money advice and deals to struggling students.  Everyone knows that the cost of University is higher than ever.  The students of today have it worse than ever, with increasing tuition fees (capped at £9,000 per year), accommodation costs and the difficulty of finding a job after graduating from University.  Our website aims to provide helpful information to students through articles, guides, factsheets and tools”.

The website, which is run independently by a small group of students and graduates, has already been working alongside partners such as the National Association of Student Money Advisors and Money 4 Med Students to try to bring money issues at University to the foreground.

In addition to money, students can also find useful sections for finding the best student websites, internships, work placements, graduate jobs portals, travel agents, holidays, working abroad and more.

 If anyone is interested in interviewing the owners of the website for future commentary, quotes or analysis on current news, has a press section which you can contact. 

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