In spite of a recent economic upturn, the cost of living is still very much an issue for many and with 12% of consumers now looking online for their fashion and footwear(1), specialist sites are fast becoming a reliable source of more wallet-friendly pricing when it comes to fashion purchases. Combine this with the growing use of online voucher codes and easier access to sale stock, fashionistas are getting wise to the treasure trove of bargain labels and trends now available via the internet.

But what does your money get you exactly? This time of year is traditionally one when the fashion conscious look to replenish their wardrobes, ready for the warmer weather. Voucher code site, My Favourite Voucher Codes has conducted a survey into three sites that specialise in discounted designer wear. They’ve picked out five similar summer wardrobe items from each retailer to see what you can get for under £100 and which voucher codes might help get you further discounts.


Mandi Dotted Floral Print Maxi Dress - £24

Mandi Panelled Shorts - £15

Izabel London Long-Sleeved Blazer – £20 (reduced from £30)

Mandi Tapestry Print Top - £15 (reduced from £20)

Atelier 61 Vintage-Style Floral Print Skirt - £15 (reduced from £20)

Sub Total: £89

StylistPick occasionally offer a voucher code that gives 10% off for new customers, so it’s well worth checking in with current StylistPick voucher codes before you pay for your purchases. They also reward customers with free delivery on orders over £50, so in this instance, you would save £3.95 on standard delivery, or £7.50 on next day delivery.

StylistPick Total using a 10% discount StylistPick voucher code: £80.10 BooHoo

Ellis Strappy Dip Back Maxi Dress - £25

Jodie Pleat Front Shorts - £8 (reduced from £12)

Mollie Geo Print Embellished Jacket - £15 (reduced from £25)

Hannah Marble Print Oversized Silky Top - £15

Mya Floral Full Midi Skirt - £12 (reduced from £20)

Free delivery on orders over £35

Sub Total: £75

BooHoo voucher codes can occasionally offer 15% off all purchases, so make sure you search for current Boohoo voucher codes before placing an order. When it comes to delivery, this order would entitle you to free shipping (standard with orders over £35), saving you £3.99 on standard delivery or £4.99 on next day delivery.

BooHoo Total using a 15% off BooHoo voucher code: £63.75 Missguided

Olita Strappy Maxi Dress in Floral Print - £29.99

Verity Skort in Light Grey - £12.59 (reduced from £17.99)

Princesa Checked Blazer - £19.99

Narcissa Floral Trapeze Top in Black - £9.99 (reduced from £19.99)

Auberta Pleated Midi Skirt in Scuba - £19.99

Free delivery on orders over £40

Sub Total: £82.56

MIssguided offer a 10% off voucher code for students who register with their UniDays scheme, as well as occasional discounts on selected lines, or an extra 10% off sale items - make sure you take a look at the latest Missguided voucher codes so you don’t miss out on any potential savings. An order over £40 will get you free delivery, saving you £2.95 on standard delivery or £3.95 on next day delivery.

Missguided Total using a 10% off Missguided voucher code for students: £74.30

These results show that even when you have a £100 spending limit, you can still save significant amounts by searching for current voucher codes, even with specialist sites.

Julian House, CEO of My Favourite Voucher Codes says, “It’s great that this niche sites can offer a wider choice and a better price on popular labels, but it’s worth remembering that no matter how good the prices look, using voucher codes could save you even more.”

My Favourite Voucher Codes is unique in that it is not only a valuable source of current voucher codes for big name and specialist retailers, but they also give 20% of their profits to a different charity every month.

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