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For the very first time, a 100% cocoa content bean won the coveted Golden Bean. Chocolat Madagascar’s 100% bar wowed the judges of the Academy of Chocolate with its ‘great melt, buttery texture and sweet fruitiness’, a quite unique achievement for a bar containing nothing other than cocoa solids. Remarkably this is also a bar entirely crafted on the island where the cacao is grown, in other words produced Tree to Bar in Madagascar.

Academy Chairman Sara Jayne Stanes OBE says, “We are particularly happy about the overall quality, craftsmanship and enthusiasm shown in the entries. We are thrilled at the talent and creativity of newcomers, and we applaud the constant brilliance and expertise of regular entrants.”

The panel of expert judges, chaired this year by award-winning pastry chef and consultant Sarah Hartnett, tackled the evaluation of a record breaking 900 entries from across the world.

The Chocolate bar has only one ingredient – the finest cacao beans of the Sambirano valley, north west Madagascar. Madagascar produces around 0.1% of the world’s cacao and are designated fine flavour cacao beans that have a special non bitter and fruity character. The beans are carefully fermented like wine grapes but unlike most chocolate in the world the fine cacao is crafted into chocolate in the origin country, rather like a fine wine is bottled close to the vineyard of grapes.

Under the direction of the Master Malagasy Chocolatier Hery, the fine beans are freshly roasted within days, winnowed, ground, conched and packaged in the Madagascar capital Antananarivo, capturing the aromas and flavours of the fine beans as nature intended.

The Chocolate Bar has no sugar added and does not require added flavour enhancers (vanilla) thereby preserving the integrity of the fine flavours of the cacao. The flavour profile is created from the integrated teamwork of the Malagasy farmers and the Chocolaterie Robert chocolate factory. A symphony of tuneful flavours that are remarkably conducted from the single cacao ingredient. There is no chemical manipulation of the flavours, hence minimising any damage to the very high antioxidant content ( many times more than Broccoli on the ORAC scale).

A fine chocolate bar that is gluten free, low GI for diabetics, low sugar, high fibre and also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

The Chocolat Madagascar 100% bar is now available in Europe from Amazon, Chococo, Chocolate Trading Company, Cocoa Runners,, and fine chocolate and food retailers.

Photo by Kristen Malone.

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