It's official, Sunday is the day of roast dinners, snoozes in front of the TV and spending a pretty penny shopping online for your yearly summer holiday.

Daisy Bell, discount code genius from codes website had this to say about the weekly traffic spike for online holiday sales…

"It's absolutely amazing, we see a huge spike in traffic to our travel sections every single Sunday, in fact it's probably more traffic then the rest of the week put together, which means whilst people are cosying up on the sofa or settling in to the Eastenders omnibus, they are also scouring the internet for the best travel discount codes and deals they can get their hands on. And the money people are spending is recession defying, with well over 200k in revenue passing through the site to our various travel partners most Sundays."

Bell went on to say: "The UK holiday buying, discount code using public obviously have a keen eye for a great bargain and tend to favour the biggest names in the UK travel industry, namely Thomson Holidays and First Choice. Thomson easily pick up over 30% of the traffic that we send to a merchant on any given Sunday, which is a clear message to us that the deals and discounts we are passing on to the general public are what is converting these potential leads in to holiday booking customers."

The online travel sector is one of the fastest growing categories for with most of the biggest travel vendors in the UK pitching their discount codes in to the mix with the hope of attracting some of the Sunday shopping masses.


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