Virtual Advent Running Challenge in Support of Mind

When: 1st to 25th December 2019

Where: All around the world

Cost: From £14 for single entry to £12.60 each for groups of 8 or more!

The Run Up to Christmas supports people with mental health issues during the festive period whilst encouraging people to stay active when they might easily over-indulge. It’s the brainchild of Clare Rixon and Kev Betts, who aim to provide a support network at Christmas – they know it’s often the hardest time of the year. Now in its third year, the RU2C has grown from 1,500 participants in 2017 to 3,000 in 2018 and hopefully over 5,000 in 2019. In 2018 alone, Run Things donated over £20,000 to Mind.

Kev and Clare created the RU2C to give everyone the opportunity to socialise, stay active and feel supported throughout December. “For us, the #RU2C is a reminder that during the festive period, people struggle. Whilst a great many of us are lucky to be in good health, surrounded by family and friends and looking forward to Christmas, there are some who can’t say the same. We’re there for those people. To keep them active, to talk to them, to encourage them and to raise money for Mind, who do such a great job for people with such a huge range of mental health issues. By taking part in our little event, runners across the world are helping and supporting people without even realising it.

The RU2C is inclusive and available worldwide. Participants can take part wherever they are, however they like, so long as they use their own legs! Participants can link their Strava to their own account area or upload runs manually, giving them a league table position, too.

“Our events are based around community, support and participation,” says Kev. “We do not actively promote talent-based competition or elitism, instead preferring to instil a sense of shared responsibility and enjoyment in everyone who takes part, regardless of their ability. We are particularly successful with people who have experience of mental health issues and those who value charities who offer support to people during challenging times,” says Clare.

“As with all our virtual events, we hope to engage runners of all ages and abilities to come together as a community, focus on a common goal and support each other along the way. The Run Up to Christmas will be a great advent challenge and we’re looking forward to seeing people post their festive runs. There will be great competitions and prizes, including best dressed house spotted on a run and the infamous Strava art award”.

About Clare & Kev:

Clare and Kev are accidental organisers. Their fumbling fun approach to events has proved a hit with supporters, who have shared some incredible stories about why they run and what they enjoy about the Run Things events. Both are huge supporters of Mind, with personal experience of mental health issues. Clare is an active blogger, often writing about her mental health struggles, and has appeared on Radio 4 after running 12 marathons in 2017. Kev is a personal trainer and has run about 90 marathons, including 52 in 2011 to raise awareness of male suicide after losing his dad to suicide. He also dabbles in TV and magazine journalism and spends time talking in schools to young people about the importance of speaking openly and honestly about mental health.

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