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We are pleased to announce our formal collaboration with author, journalist and presenter Susannah Constantine as The Naked Pharmacy's first brand ambassador.

Alongside fashion partner Trinny, Susannah helped hundreds of women with her outspoken advice on the much loved and hugely successful TV show, What Not to Wear. She is a best-selling author and host of the fabulously irreverent podcast, My Wardrobe Malfunction. In her own words, she is also a "wife, mother, PA and taxi driver to one husband and three children".

Susannah has never been afraid to raise difficult questions about emotional health and has talked openly about her own struggles with anxiety, depression and alcoholism. She is a passionate advocate of both running and wild swimming, together with healthy eating as tools to maintain good mental health, making her a perfect fit for The Naked Pharmacy.

Established by former chief pharmacist of Weleda UK, Kevin Leivers, The Naked Pharmacy is Europe's first plant-powered pharmacy pioneering scientifically proven natural remedies. Our ethos is to provide "pure" remedies that are "stronger by nature" whilst being firmly rooted in science and clinical data.

"Ordinarily I am very sceptical about trying new products but was so impressed with how The Naked Pharmacy's Marine Magnesium and Saffrosun natural remedies improved my sleep and anxiety, I asked if I could meet the team.

"I loved Kevin's ethos and the fact he was driven by what he knew to be scientifically effective rather than what would be commercially fashionable.

"For me, The Naked Pharmacy merges the confidence you have in an old fashioned, trusted, local pharmacist with cutting edge scientific research into the health benefits of natural supplements.

"I've never been a brand ambassador before but, for the first time, I felt so enthused by a company's products I wanted to put my name to them."

The Naked Pharmacy is distinctive in that it is a natural pharmacy that does not stock any conventional drugs or use any synthetics in its remedies, making them the ideal partner for Susannah: "My passion was always to help women learn to love themselves from the outside in - to look better in order to feel empowered. Through experience I have come to understand that in mid-life, if you support the inside, the outside will shine. I believe there is no such thing as perfection - except in nature."

Susannah was impressed with Kevin's deep knowledge of health, remedies and his unique approach to supplements as well as his ability to convey this knowledge and she instinctively realised that more people would benefit from access to this knowledge. So a natural collaboration formed between Susannah and The Naked Pharmacy to inform others about our natural remedies and to create a better, more informed holistic approach to health.

The centre piece of our collaboration will be a series of IGTV lives every two months beginning on 22 September 2021 in which Susannah and Kevin will discuss a wide range of physical and mental health issues and aids to be found in natural remedies. Viewers will have the chance to submit questions with the end goal of building a community where people are supported and encouraged to connect with one another to share their health stories.

"We are thrilled to have Susannah on board with us as our first brand ambassador. In Susannah, we are fortunate to have a person who asks pertinent questions and is an independent voice of the consumer of natural remedies.  Our plan is to create an authentic, honest and supportive community which shares health stories, advice and effective natural health solutions," said founder Kevin Leivers.

The Naked Pharmacy's vision is to be a global natural health hub providing effective natural solutions for individual health problems supported by the expert advice of a pharmacist.


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