Syntax IT Support London have released their “Baseline Security standards”, in response to a significant release in Office 365 users reporting increased instances of phishing, hacking and PC infection.

As a cloud-based service, Office 365 allows users to access their emails and files from anywhere and on any device. While this is convenient, it also allows attackers to gain access to user data, armed with just a username and password.

To counter the sheer volume of data breaches and identity compromise attacks taking place, Syntax IT Support has created a set of best practice security recommendations for Office users to adopt.

Tim Parker at Syntax It Support London, comments:

“We are working closely with Microsoft to identify new ways to help users stay secure, and we are developing a roadmap of recommendations which we will be sharing regularly to ensure that users are kept abreast of best practice as the security landscape evolves.

“We recommend an enhanced security service for all organisations that handle sensitive, confidential information, or have regulatory compliance requirements.”

The support company’s Baseline Security guidelines recommend Office users make the switch to Windows 10 sooner rather than later, as the latest Windows offering has several significant security enhancements, and is required in order to support Microsoft’s more advanced security features.

After 14th January 2020, Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7.

Syntax’s baseline standards also recommend an anti-virus service that is centrally managed and can report on the status of individual devices, as well as an enhanced email filtering/protection service to scan URLs and email attachments for malicious links.

Also recommended is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). This requires users to type a secure code sent to a mobile phone in order to get access to Microsoft 365, adding another layer of security on top of the basic password.

As well as their Baseline Security guidelines, Syntax IT Support also offer an Enhanced Security service. This is recommended for all organisations that handle sensitive, confidential information, or have regulatory compliance requirements.

Alongside all the features offered through the company’s Baseline Security, their Enhanced guidelines also recommend a number of advanced additions.

One such factor is Conditional Access, which allows granular access to corporate resources based on ‘If/Then’ statements which can be based on user, device, location or application. Also recommended are:

  • Identity Protection: highlighting vulnerabilities and risky actions and events 
  • Additional Application Protection: allowing automated actions and checks for users accessing specific corporate applications

Enhanced Security from Syntax allows users to track and explore real-time threats, simulate attacks, report breaches and experience automated investigation. Other security benefits include Single Sign-on (SSO) – enabling users to sign in once with one account to access company resources, software and applications – and a Terms of Use clause, which requires users to agree to accept your terms of use before gaining access to documentation.

Syntax’s IT services stretch further to include a range of  Enhanced Management services, building upon the functionality of Enhanced Security. These services are tailored to meet specific user requirements, and can include elements such as Automatic Software Deployment and Management, Inventory and Asset Management, Mobile Device Management and Advanced Security Monitoring and Threat Prevention.

Syntax’s plans to support Office 365 users involves a proactive approach, as outlined by their spokesperson:

“We will contact organisations to discuss current security provisions and confirm they meet the minimum Baseline Security standards.

“Depending on each business’s situation, we will make recommendations on meeting Baseline or improving security posture with Enhanced Security standards.”

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