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We always say that at TC Harrison JCB we are here to help. And we are. But every brand and company says this without ever showing how they help people.

So that's why we thought we'd share this amazing story of a little help we gave to our good friends over at the Wentworth Woodhouse Estate, situated in the lovely countryside, just 10minutes up the road from our Chapeltown HQ.

Ian Taylor, operations manager at Wentworth Woodhouse, reached out to us to see if we could offer some help with a machine to tackle some delicate maintenance work on the historic pathways leading through the grounds. Over time these had become overgrown, muddied and generally tired before the Preservation Trust attached to the estate took ownership of the site and decided something needed to be done to restore these to their formal glory.

Whilst Wentworth Woodhouse had a capable two-man team of gardeners, both of whom had Mini Digger licences, they sadly had no digger.

Ideally what they needed was a 1.5-tonne machine, with a ditching bucket to tackle the job. What they got was our fantastic E-Tech demonstrator machine, complete with a range of attachments to help make short work of the job.

Ian Taylor, Wentworth Woodhouse Trust operations manager, said: "Our garden paths had become overgrown before the Trust took ownership and had gotten even worse over the winter. We needed to make them safe again for the public. When Robert and the team at TC Harrison JCB heard of the problem, they immediately stepped in to help the Trust’s gardeners Scott Jamieson and Andy Smith make light work of the task."

Robert Wilson, TC Harrison JCB managing director, commented: "Wentworth Woodhouse is just 10 minutes from our Chapeltown HQ and we have a strong relationship with its Preservation Trust. We did not hesitate when Ian reached out to us to see if we had a machine capable of tackling delicate maintenance work on the historic pathways leading through the gardens. With its ZERO EMISSION running, the E-Tech is well suited to sensitive work, both indoors and outdoors, so tackling work next to historic gardens that have been maintained and kept at the estate since the 18th century, was literally a breath of fresh air for their landscaping team."

Notes to editors:

TC Harrison JCB is one of the largest JCB dealers in the UK. Today it is still family owned whilst still building on 50 years expertise in the industry and with depots covering six counties throughout Yorkshire, the Midlands and the North East.

2021 marks the 90th Anniversary of TC Harrison Group, with its founder Thomas Cuthbert (Cuth) Harrison setting up the company in Sheffield back in 1931.

Today the wider TCH Group employees more than 500 people at 14 regional sites.

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Wentworth Woodhouse is one of the largest houses in Europe and was built between 1725 and 1750. The house was sold in March 2017 for £7 million following a five-year campaign by SAVE and the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust. Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust is now managing a major project to restore the house and open it to the public. More details about Wentworth Woodhouse are available at or by calling 01226 351161.

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