Technology is something that has evolved rapidly. In marketing, it consists of web, social media, mobile phones and many more… It helps in any business to prosper and improve the value of organisations. Marketing agents are viewing technology as being a vital factor for development and progress.

When it comes to technology, it is regarded as an important strategy in marketing. This boosts up the general productivity. The Internet has a major impact on marketing. You can get access to millions of information worldwide.

Groups get more information, more online places to connect with consumers for instance; blogs social networks, YouTube videos, etc. You can have a variety of options to get through your audience to communicate. Few examples are;

  • Banner ads;
  • Smartphone ad formats;
  • Blog posts and web development;
  • Search engine results;
  • Social networks -paid and organic; and
  • Online reviews.

New technologies in online marketing — smartphones, CRM systems, and social media — can aid marketers in reaching new and existing customers.

The use of technologies in marketing and research are broadly used. Internet advertising, text messaging, emails, newer ones consists of social media, smartphone applications and GPS. These are also vital for marketing. There are also two main factors which are customer relationship management systems andsocial media marketing.

Customer relationship management: This system makes use of technology to manageandcomputerise business practices. Customer relationship management helps the enterprise to aim for potential clients to boosts up sales in the organisation. The key to marketing experts is to be able to track multichannel campaigns. This is by social media, telephone and emails.

Social media marketing: This is defined as the method of gaining website traffic via social media sites. It also involves in creating brand personality. This is a good way to encourage creating their own content. This means that the organisation writes content that attracts the audience. Hence, It means it produces results in earned media instead of paid media.

Below are some examples of popular social media sites:

Facebook- This allows photos, videos and adds which can be a form of marketing. The organisation can also create pages where social media users can share their views by commenting or reacting. For example, Magical Vegas Casino is on Facebook to create a sense of community among its fans. Feel free to check out the casino promotions at by visiting its Facebook page.

Twitter: This promotes the product on an individual level. The product is explained in short and simple messages to capture the attention of people. What can also be done is to link the product’s website to another website on Facebook. By doing this, the individual spends more time knowing the product and it leads to a bigger advertising opportunity.

LinkedIn: This site is more of a professional business-related networking site. It helps companies produce profiles for themselves for other business. This promotes a variety of social networking activities for instance blog notes to be used for their product pages. LinkedIn also offers the opportunity to create sales leads and affiliations.

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