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The Yorkshire-based firm, Tempest Elite Marketing was established in May 2011 and has recently celebrated profit growth of 7% in the third quarter of 2012. The increased click-through-rate to the company's website since the integration of Google+ is even more encouraging for the prospering firm.

Statistics compiled from Sirona Consulting, which provides social media and recruitment services, demonstrate that the UK is the 4th biggest global user of Google+, behind the USA, India and Brazil. The service was launched in June 2011, and by January 2012 reached 90 million users. 400 million users are forecast by the end of this year. Sirona's sample breaks down the user demographics for Google +, with students comprising the majority at 20%. Professionals from diverse fields such as marketing, engineering, teaching and consultancy make up the rest.

26 year-old entrepreneur Qaysar Bhatti, founder and MD of Tempest Elite Marketing, is encouraged by this report."The variety of Google+ consumers definitely influenced our decision to use the service. We are intending to expand our client base in the future so we want to create social links with prospective partners as soon as possible. As an outsourced firm, Tempest Elite Marketing is able to work with clients from almost any industry. So we don't want to be overly restrictive with our online presence."

Google + differs from Facebook and Twitter in several functions. As outlined in the Entrepreneur article 'Why Chris Brogan loves Google Plus', Google+ has significant advantages for businesses looking to develop their networking circle. The Google Hangout feature allows up to 10 people on live webcam conference calls, which can also be used as live tutorials for service-based companies. As Google+ is linked to the web's most popular search engine, publicly displaying information on Google+ will allow it to be more easily indexed in Google search results. Google + users can also organise their contacts into 'Circles' (e.g. clients, customers, suppliers, and so on) which allow certain posts to be targeted  to specific groups. 

Tempest Elite Marketing has discovered that linking social media content has led to an increased online presence. Following research into the impact of social media marketing in different markets, the company has started linking content between Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. This has demonstrated positive results, in particular with the Facebook page where the fan base grew by 8% during October. 

Qaysar Bhatti concludes: "We will continue to monitor these results over the next few months. However early indications are very promising and I believe social media interaction will help expand Tempest Elite Marketing's presence beyond the Humberside region."


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