When you are creating an intranet structure you will want to test out the layout with your potential users.  One very effective way of doing this is by prototyping. So how do you do this?

When you read SORCE the intranet provider’s blog post on prototyping, you will learn:

  • What the process of prototyping involves
  • Different ways to prototype
  • How to test your prototype

Want to know more? Read our blog post at prototyping.

SORCE has over 10 years of experience in delivering Intranet and Extranet solutions to connect organisations, people and knowledge. We recognise that an intranet or extranet is much more than an internal website. It is a business solution.That is why SORCE work closely with all functions such as HR, finance, marketing, sales and IT to ensure that a SORCE solution fits the needs of your organisation and delivers ease of use and management in connecting people to knowledge.

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