Manchester United currently sit 8th in the Premier League and if you're into sports betting, it may not be such a good idea to think the team could win it all. Then again, there's still a long way to go in the season and they are pretty much still in the game in the Champions League. It's just too bad about that loss to Derby County – against Jose Mourinho's former protege, Frank Lampard – in the EFL. As it stands, United are still in the running for at least two trophies but are the signs looking good?

Manchester United in the Premier League

The 2018-2019 seasons kicked off on August 10, 2018, with United playing a match against Leicester City at their home turf in Old Trafford. Given their dismal performance during the preseason that saw them win just one match out of six, it was such a relief for them to come out with a win.

Was the win enough to brighten the spirits of manager Jose Mourinho, who has been in a gloomy mood since the preseason? And this being his third season in charge of United is a cause for concern given his history with being in charge for a third year with one club (hint: it's not always good). For the week until they played their following game, it seemed things were fine.

However, United immediately followed that high with two successive losses, to Brighton and Tottenham – the latter was a 3-0 drubbing at home. To be fair, Tottenham is a top team but this was a game played at Old Trafford.

Luckily, the two matches that followed were wins against Burnley and Watford. In the next match, United drew with Wolverhampton at home. After, they recorded a loss – this time by three goals (again), but at least they managed to score one – to West Ham.

The following three games looked a bit more cheery – sort of. They won a match at home to Newcastle then traveled to Chelsea – Mourinho's former club (twice) – where they managed to get out with a draw. Their tenth match in this season's Premier League saw them win against Everton at home.

Is it enough to write out United after five wins, two draws, and three losses? It may be too early to tell. But through ten games, they have only managed to earn 17 points and as it stands, they are out of European competition next year.

Can Jose Mourinho turn it around? Those who are betting on United hope that he does. After all, the current spot they occupy is a far cry from the Top 2 they achieved last season. The good news is that they haven't approached the relegation zone – yet.

The match days that are coming up look tough; they all play away games. They start with a match against Bournemouth, who sit above them in the Premier League. After that, they fly to Italy to meet with Juventus, which features Cristiano Ronaldo (a former Mourinho player). The next match sees them play current league leaders and town rivals, Manchester City – a club managed by Mourinho nemesis Pep Guardiola.

At this point, one could hope for a really good deal during the January transfer window. Or, they could more optimistic and hope for a top five finish.

Then again, who really knows? It might be best to take this on a match-by-match basis.

Manchester United in the Champions League

United are looking much better in Europe than they are in their own league. As it stands, they occupy the second spot in their group with three more matches to go in the Group Stage. Through three games, United have managed to snag four points (they have won, drew, and lost one each).

Their next European adventure sees them travel to Turin, Italy to play Juventus, a team that Mourinho is not unfamiliar with given his former stint in the Serie A. It would be best if they come out of the Allianz Stadium with a win to bolster their chances of making it out of the Group Stage. If not, they have to rely on their last two matches against Young Boys and Valencia to see whether or not a European trophy is in sight.

While the 2018-2019 football season is far from over, how Manchester United responds to the succeeding games in their slate will determine how well they fare. There is much to look forward to and yet, there is also much to fear.

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