There are so many choices to make when selecting a mobile phone to match your personal and business communications needs. Features such as text, email, internet access, gaming and access to a wide array of applications are important considerations when selecting the mobile phone of your choice. As your communications needs change over time, purchasing a new mobile phone becomes necessary.

The other decision that gets little attention is what to do with the mobile phone you are going to replace. Many of these mobile phones end up in drawers, gather dust on desks and quite a few unfortunately end up as trash in landfills or are incinerated. In fact, millions of mobile phones face this fate each year which has a very negative impact on the environment as these phones contain highly toxic minerals including cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic and others that can be released into the air and waterways.

If mobile phones are recycled responsibility, these minerals can be reused and put back into circulation, thereby reducing the need for increased mining and causing any further damage to the environment. Which is a great choice when you choose to sell mobile phones. Increasingly, both the public and private sectors are raising the awareness of the need for mobile phone recycling.

Aside from the environmental benefits of recycling mobile phones there are financial benefits as well. Some models of mobile phones command a high re-sale value or even a high content of valuable materials, particularly smart phones or others that have embedded advanced features. When choosing to recycle your mobile phone it is important to know where to get the most value for your phone. There are many choices available for you to consider, some with good reputations and unfortunately, some with less. Your decision becomes much easier when you choose to use a comparison service such as Compare mobile phone recycling where they work with the most reputable recycling companies that can maximize the return you receive when making the choice to recycle your mobile phone.

Any mobile phone can and should be recycled regardless of age or condition. At we will help you make your decision with ease, confidence and knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to the environment and perhaps your own financial situation as well.

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