One of the most popular and successful trends in the world has to be online gambling; it gathered millions of people and led to the creation of countless communities in the gambling world. But when did it all start? Was it all a coincidence? Or did the people in charge come up with the best and the most lucrative idea ever and planned it all out? Regardless of how it started, it's a sure thing that they never expected it to be this successful. So, let's dive deep into how it was born.

When was it introduced?

Nobody can tell for sure which company or region came up with the idea first; they all started developing it in 1994. But the first time that online gambling websites became a real thing was back in 1996: a company called Intertops launched the idea and they landed on something huge. It was first founded in 1983 in Austria; a German bookmaker was the first person to take the reins of the company, but it has grown and evolved over the years. The people in charge there noticed that the world was changing; the early 90s seem to have everything switching to online sources, making them realize how big of an impact it could have on their success. They were totally right because it changed the world of gambling tremendously.

The appeal behind it

The people who started this trend realised just how great gambling online can be; they would be able to get more customers and extra ones overseas too. Plus, the first people who tried it out, loved it. They got to experience slot online games in the digital world and from the comfort of their own home; it paved ways for lotteries, sports betting, poker, and blackjack after that success. The convenience it gave people made it so much better than the traditional ways of gambling; people were more comfortable, happier, and satisfied whenever they wanted to get their betting mood on. Ever since then, it has evolved significantly and gained more popularity every day because of this convenience.

The regulations involved

This is still an ongoing problem in some regions, but when it was still a new thing, regulators didn't know what to do and this brought in some challenges for them. A lot of them had to debate about the legality issues and the jurisdictional boundaries around the notion of online gambling; this was such a messy time because some of the clear rules and laws do not apply to online aspects. This leads to the development of new regulatory systems and licensing procedures to protect the customers and companies from any violations or fraud. Some of these laws or restrictions were bypassed thanks to VPN though.

Thanks to the digital world, the internet, and the advancements in technology, online gambling will continue to prosper and grow beyond our expectations. It's clear from the yearly yields, revenue vs. expenses numbers, and the customer counts that keep rising that it's only going to rise significantly every day. The moment it was all launched started a whole new era of gambling; it has become a gold mine for a lot of these companies and the people too.

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