Research carried out by Aberdeen based iPhone repair startup BULLIT found that consumers are paying over £226 for “free” screen replacements on selected tarrifs.

Take the new iPhone 8 for example which is the cheapest handset on the networks free screen replacement deal and on the cheapest tariff that provides the free screen replacements. For this device you need to pay £119.99 upfront then £58.00 per month for 24 months. Which works out to £1511.99.

A sim-only deal with the same 20GB data, unlimited calls & texts as the £58 per month package is only £20 per month instead of 24. Which works out to just £480, combine that with an iPhone 8 direct from Apple which will cost £699 or £805.44 if you want to spread the cost over 24 monthly payments of £33.56.

This option would cost £1285.44. So you are effectively paying a £226.55 premium for a “free” screen replacement, plus that is only if you actually break yours.

Oh and you can only claim once per 24 month contract and could be left without your phone for days while yours in under repair.

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