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Ooft Kitchen!® Press Release December 2017

The days of sitting in A&E with nothing but a vending machine filled with calorie-laden, sugary snacks to eat are over!

A state-of-the-art, fully-automated 24-hour hot food solution has been launched in the UK. Ooft Kitchen! combines state-of-the-art-technology, healthy ingredients and speed to heat wholesome, all-natural, ready-to-eat meals in minutes. Before ordering a meal, users simply browse the onscreen menu which displays each meal’s ingredients, allergens and nutritional information giving the consumer an opportunity to make a decision before ordering and paying for their meal. Once a meal is chosen, users can pay using cash, a credit or debit card or Apple Pay and two minutes later a hot, ready-to-eat meal is delivered.

The Ooft Kitchen! range caters for all dietary requirements: the entire menu is naturally gluten free (and suitable for coeliacs) with high protein, vegetarian and vegan options available. Each meal is prepared by hand in its BRC Grade A+ commercial kitchen using all-natural ingredients. Again, by investing in state-of-the-art technology the meals can be stored without refrigeration which by default eliminates wastage and dispenses with the use of artificial preservatives or additives.

Ooft Kitchen! is locating its kitchens within universities, student halls, the workplace, 24/7 distribution centres, ferries and both NHS and private hospitals.

Crucially Ooft Kitchen! has provided NHS Hospitals with a solution to meet its new CQUIN* Indicator 1b criteria (introduced March 2017) to ensure that hot and healthy options are available to staff, patients and visitors 24 hours a day. The Ooft Kitchen! range meets salt and sugar guidelines. Ooft Kitchen! has commenced its roll out to hospitals throughout the UK with 100 to be located during 2018.

Ooft Kitchen! has appointed leading UK wholesaler Bidfood to deliver its ready meals to its kitchens nationally ensuring consistent supply and availability.

Andrew Selley, Bidfood CEO comments "As a business we strive to help customers stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the most relevant innovation that will make their lives easier and help them to grow. Many of our customers such as universities, workplace operators, and the NHS (especially since the advent of the CQUIN1b initiative), require 24 hour hot food availability. As the exclusive distributor of the Ooft Kitchen! range of ready meals to its automated kitchens I believe we have a fantastic opportunity to address these needs on a national basis. I am delighted that the range offers a choice of special dietary options such as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan to customers and consumers."

Notes to editors:



It is essentially the name of the NHS funding/finance framework created to drive innovation, change and improvement within the NHS. 

Specifically, the aim of Indicator 1b (Healthier food for NHS staff, visitors and patients) is to change the organisational behaviour and culture towards the food and drink sold on NHS premises by focusing more on making healthier food and drink more widely available and on a 24H basis.

Each Trust has to submit data on the food suppliers operating within NHS premises demonstrating:

1. Banning price promotions 

2. Banning of advertisements of ‘non-healthy’ items

3. Removal at checkouts of food and drink high in fat, salt, sugar and saturates

4. Ensuring hot & healthy options are available for staff at night

5. Taking action on the food and drink sold on the NHS premises

As by way of incentive each Trust receives a % of its annual budget upon compliance.  

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