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For many of us, meat is a core component of our diet, so it makes sense that we look for quality. But as issues like animal wellbeing and sustainability become more of a focus for the general population, we’re also constantly looking for meat that’s ethical as well as exceptional.

At The Dorset Meat Company, the team believe these two things go hand in hand. They follow a philosophy that small scale sustainable farming is better for the animal, local ecology, the farmer and you, as well as creating the tastiest meat available.

Part of these services include grass fed meat boxes delivered straight to your door, including large and small meat boxes and seasonal meat boxes. But why choose grass fed meat over other options? We’re here to show you the benefits.

Why choose grass fed meat?

There are many benefits to choosing 100% grass fed over more conventional meat options. For one thing, there is less fat found in grass fed meats compared to conventional meat, meaning you get a leaner, tastier cut for your money, making grass fed meat the healthiest choice.

It makes sense that animals who have only eaten a natural diet of wildflowers, clovers, legumes and grass – rich in vitamins and minerals and untainted by pesticides – produce the healthiest meat. In fact, studies have shown that 100% grass fed beef delivers a higher level of antioxidants like vitamin E, as well as a better ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6.

But grass fed meat isn’t just healthier for you, it’s also a better option for the animals themselves. Animals who are fed on grain generally have shorter lives and are rushed to finish converting the carbohydrates to sugar and fat. This isn’t good for us or the animals.

On the other hand, 100% grass fed animals are reared in a natural outdoor environment, consequentially developing better immune systems. They are also free to move more, meaning they can use their muscles and as such produce less saturated fat.

Livestock who never see sunlight and are crowded in pens are more prone to diseases which may require antibiotic intervention. In short, animals that are treated humanely produce better meat. It’s a win win situation.

Grass fed diets are better for the environment.

As well as animals and humans benefiting from grass fed livestock, the planet itself also reaps the rewards. Producing grass fed meat requires a permanent natural pasture land which improves the stability of the soil and extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Since the 1930s, over 97% of wildflower meadows in the UK have been lost, equating to around 7.5 million acres. This is sobering, as grasslands can contain up to 40 species per square meter, as well as more than 150 different species of flowers and grass.

Providing pasture lands for livestock to enjoy helps to reimburse the UK grassland population, creating more green spaces which can benefit the environment as well as the livestock themselves. The biodiverse environments which support grass fed animals can also house small mammals, hedge-and-ground-nesting birds, rich wildflowers, clovers and an array of insects.

Grass fed meat boxes delivered to your door.

Grass fed meat boxes allow you to access the highest quality meat with complete ease, delivering a selection of your choice straight to your door. These boxes give you the choice of either selecting a set seasonal meat box or curating your own selection of products to suit your exact taste. When you choose 100% grass fed meat, you can rest assured that you are choosing the very highest quality product.

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