Moving into student accommodation is an exciting yet daunting prospect for many university freshers. It marks a new chapter filled with independence, learning, and the opportunity to meet new people from across the world. However, this transition also comes with its challenges, one of the most significant being the need to pack wisely. With space usually on the tight side, smart packing is not just recommended, it’s essential!

Here is how to make sure you bring what you need without cluttering your new student accommodation when going to Edge Hill University…

Bedroom essentials

Your bedroom is more than just a place to crash after lectures. You will want nice bedding: get a good duvet, a couple of pillows, sheets, and a mattress protector. Depending on what your accommodation offers, you might find decent built-in storage. If not, think about getting some under-bed storage boxes (ideal for hiding away shoes or extra supplies) and maybe a hanging organiser for your wardrobe to keep your clothes sorted. As for making it feel like yours, some string lights, a soft rug, and a decent reading lamp can really make a place feel homey.

Kitchen must-haves

Start with the cooking basics such as pots, pans, plates, cutlery, mugs and glasses. A few Tupperware containers can be useful when it comes to leftovers, too. Personal storage solutions such as labelled Tupperware will help keep your food separate in shared fridges. Most student houses will kit you out with the essentials and major appliances like a fridge, freezer, kettle, toaster and microwave, but having a few small personal appliances, like a rice cooker or a blender, can be useful for making quick meals and smoothies.

Bathroom necessities

Whether you have snagged an en-suite or you are sharing facilities, you will want your own toiletries. Stock up on towels, a flannel, and maybe a comfortable bathrobe for nipping to and from the bathroom. If space is tight, over-the-door hooks and shower caddies can help maximise your space and keep essentials handy.

Study supplies

Your study area is where you will spend a big chunk of your time as a uni student, so set it up for success. Desk organisation tools like pen holders and file organisers can keep your workspace neat, and a sturdy desk lamp will help you during those late-night study sessions. In terms of technology, ensure you have your laptop, chargers, headphones, and perhaps an extension cord to manage electronic devices efficiently. Load up on stationery items too, such as notebooks, pens, highlighters and sticky notes.

Personal items

With the UK weather being what it is, you will need clothes for all seasons, but do not pack your entire wardrobe! Stick to the essentials and opt for versatile and layer-able items of clothing. Make sure you have a laundry basket for trips to manage your dirty washing. Most student accommodations tend to be strict about fire safety, so leave the candles at home and opt for safer decor like LED lights, framed photos, posters and plants. You might want to throw in a hairdryer, straighteners, and other bits and bobs like a first aid kit and any meds you need. Then, wait until you’ve moved in to buy things like laundry detergent so it does not weigh down your luggage.

Utilising self-storage

With limited space in student rooms, using local self-storage for non-essential and bulky items can be a game changer. The convenience of having a storage unit near your student house can relieve the stress of moving items back home during term breaks or over the summer. Local self-storage facilities offer security and easy access, ensuring that items such as seasonal clothing, sports equipment, and extra furniture are kept safe and out of the way when not needed.


Moving into student accommodation in Ormskirk requires careful planning and organisation, but packing for university does not have to be a headache. Consider the space you have, the duration of your stay, and the practicality of the items you want to bring. Stick to the essentials, plan your space, use self-storage when needed, and you are all set!

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