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The first UK vape marketplace Vawoo has made a great step forward in synchronization with world famous e-commerce platforms. From now on it is integrated with Shopify.

Vawoo is the one of a kind vape marketplace, launched since 2018. On the surface it seems that it’s a big retail store that offers to UK customers more than 5000 products of 350 vape brands.

But when digging into details it becomes clear that Vawoo is both B2B and B2C oriented website, which allows certified UK vape manufacturers and distributors to create their stores on the platform and sell directly to the customers nationwide.

Typically most of the companies, registered on Vawoo, have websites powered by various CMS. The rest sell on eBay and/or Amazon. The platform has already succeed in accomplishing the synchronization with these online retail giants. Now all the vast assortment of vape stuff, placed on the websites with Shopify ecommerce software, can be easily listed on Vawoo marketplace too.

The Vawoo-Shopify integration enables Vawoo business partners to link their online stores powered by Shopify with their Vawoo accounts. This exponentially saves time and human resources in the process of store building on the marketplace. Also the integration makes it fast and easy when setting up a store on Vawoo, and very comfortable to streamline any inside operations by managing inventory and sales reporting in a single system.

Here is what the Vawoo’s top sales manager Ellis Tarvas says about the integration process: “There have been a lot of time and forces left on uploading products on our marketplace. Sometimes the inventory was displayed incorrectly, or the prices where changed on the original website and not updated on Vawoo. In these cases the synchronization is a godsend. It simplifies the work of our team by far and makes the trade process on Vawoo correct in terms of products’ compliance with the original source. It watches for changes to theme files and syncs them up with the Shopify server. I am proud of our team as we made it!

Thousands of online store owners use Shopify and all the vape stores who use this system can perform data migration to Vawoo easily and effortlessly, creating one more online source of effective sales. Customers will be able to make a purchase from a store on Vawoo and this info will be automatically transferred to the Shopify account and vice versa, if ordered from a website hosted by Shopify.

At very initial stage Vawoo being synchronized with Shopify gives a new picture to the concept of B2B and B2C orientation. The idea behind the concept is to increase data integrity, maintain proper inventory of stock, real time order generation, provide a brilliant customer care services and much more. Among Vawoo-Shopify connector features are the following:

  • The registration and store building on Vawoo by means of Shopify synchronization take as much as 15 minutes;
  • The sales process on Vawoo is fully operated from the Sholify account;
  • Shopify will show available inventory levels from the linked outlet. When a customer makes a purchase in a synchronized store on Vawoo, it will be recorded in the store system, so the inventory levels will be updated by default;
  • All the changes made on the Shopify account will be displayed on Vawoo in accordance with the source website;
  • All the orders placed on Vawoo will automatically pass back into the Shopify account;
  • The process is fully automated, there is no need to be a programmer. Each new seller has a dedicated manager who will accomplish the integration and help get the store on the marketplace up and running in a short time;
  • The payment is automatically transferred to the PayPal Business Account by means of instant payment system.

All needed for an integration are some general credentials like the API key, password, domain name and full shop name from the Shopify account. All these easy steps will be guided by a dedicated manager as well.

Now dealing with e-commerce unlimited data is much easier than never before. Shopify-Vawoo connector is acting as a bridge between the first vape marketplace in the UK and Shopify, providing more sales opportunities.

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