London, United Kingdom – 2014, June – A recent survey conducted by, the U.K.’s leading provider of conveyancing services, indicated that 83 percent of estate agents felt that people were turning to the Internet more and more to find their next home. Especially in comparison to five years ago.

In fact, the study also indicated that as high as 65 percent of agents have said that in the future agents will be operating online only, leaving the days of high street branches behind them. This correlates with the figure that only about 31 percent of agents said that there was even still a need for high street branches.

There are a number of reasons why buyers have turned to the Internet as a resource for their estates purchases. These include convenience and ease of access. Interestingly, about 64 percent of those in the study said that traditional marketing avenues like newspapers were becoming more and more irrelevant.

Lynne McArthur, Director of, commented "With statistics like these, it’s become vital that sellers use the Internet to reach buyers."

"Additionally, using quality online resources is key. Approximately 52 percent of buyers in this study said that online appearance was important and that they had ruled out properties based solely on appearance. We understand this, and are constantly making improvements to our site so that our buyers maintain a competitive edge."

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We didn’t just wake up one day with the notion of setting up an online estate agency with no knowledge of the property market…MoovRight has been created from decades of experience in the property industry; buying and selling, buying and renting, estate agency, property brokering, this list goes on, so it was a natural progression for us to set up an online company to keep in line with the times.

However, as our experience is in property and not IT or software design, we teamed up software engineers to create our online system. We did not want to outsource our IT / software requirements, we wanted team members who understood the vision we had that would provide MoovRight clients with a truly unique online experience and would be on hand to offer assistance when needed.

We are not a team of corporate giants, we are a team of highly driven individuals with a passion for property and IT. We care about our customers and getting their properties sold, not just about the bottom line. We are not revolutionising the property market – we are simply moving with the times – in this day and age everything is done online for the convenience of the consumer – we have adapted our online system to allow you to sell your house with as much ease as possible and in the process save you as much money as possible without compromising the important things like the actual marketing of your property.

You might not see us but you can rest assured that we will be monitoring every aspect of your experience in the background to ensure that everything runs smoothly and your house sells as soon as possible for as much as possible.

You are in control: With MoovRight you are in control of the sale of your property, with our sophisticated online system we will get you moving faster and with less stress and hassle.

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