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With the first half of the year now over, Mr Crofts has begun to reflect on the firm's successes this year, and he took some time to give people a better understanding of the sales and marketing firm's values, mission and goals for the future.

What is Monarch Movements mission statement?

“Monarch has proved to be a valuable resource for companies around the World and the service we provide has become a need for market leaders that wish to increase their market shares. Our current contracts will continue beyond 2020, so our mission is to create an incredible environment for our staff and contractors to thrive and progress so we can expand and meet our budget increases.”

About Monarch Movements:

“As for our future, that's in the hands of our people. Although we started with the vision of working with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and being a respected brand for businesses that wanted to outsource, we have achieved this. We work with some incredibly ambitious and talented individuals whose goals are massive, and my personal mission is to provide them with the opportunity to fulfill their potential. For example, if we have someone that would like to spearhead a division for us in China... our mission is to be able to create that opportunity or any other dream our staff and contractors have."

2017 has been a phenomenal year so far, what do you think are the reasons behind that?

Foundations, diversity and loyalty.

Foundations: “We have built an incredible team that has grown with us all over Europe. A good business is built on strong foundations. Our people don't ask or promise more than they are willing to do.”

Diversity: “Our International contracts have created a need for a diverse team and diversity with understanding will breed strengths within the company as there are many voices and experiences to contribute.”

Loyalty: “We understand how much effort our clients have gone through to build their brands and create a legacy. We know that they are trusting us by putting their brand in our hands and we stay loyal to the image they want to create. We are committed to representing them with complete confidence, professionalism and transparency.”

What separates Monarch Movements from your competitors?

“I don’t believe anyone is operating the way we do. We provide companies with a consistent new stream of customers through face to face contact by building relationships and instilling brand loyalty. I think the biggest factor in our success has been our commitment to development, our people know that with hard work, commitment and a thirst for knowledge, we will provide them with all of the necessary tools for success. They recognise as our business grows and prospers, they have the opportunity to grow with us.”

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

3 things:

1. “You only fail if you give up.”

2. “Never underestimate networking and the value of building a network of coaches that have PROVEN SUCCESS.

3. “Keep practising. In the words of Gary Player “the more you practise, the luckier you get”.

What are your biggest motivations?

“That's the hardest question because throughout my career they have changed. Some of it is pure competitiveness and just wanting to be the best, but there is also a huge part of me that wants to pay if forward. I had a fantastic business coach, and I want to be the same to the people that look up to me. My family, my friends and everyone I work with; they are my biggest motivators.”

What’s the goal for the rest of this year?

“My main objective is to grow the Monarch Movements brand. I want to see us operating in nine locations across the UK, minimum. That may seem insane. However, we have put in place some solid foundations built an A-team and acquired a portfolio of clients with goals as big as ours. We’re going to make it happen!”

Monarch Movements is a dynamic and cultured sales and marketing firm based in Angel, London. The company specialises in customer acquisition through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns.

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