Manchester, United Kingdom – 2014, June – It’s not a new phrase: the Internet of Things. In fact, the actual term was coined in 1999, and the concept has been around for over two decades (since 1991).

At its original conception, the Internet of Things probably sounded a bit far-fetched, but with the advancement of technology, especially the introduction and wide-spread use of the cloud, it is something that now not only seems possible, it’s a probability.

However, as illustrated by recent studies conducted by the Pew Research Center and the Gartner research firm, there are some serious concerns about how this technology will affect privacy, the flow of data and the overall management of such a large infrastructure.

The Pew Research Center indicated that 83 percent of their respondents consider this technology to be a good thing, but both studies also point out how critical it will be for individuals to guard against privacy invasion.

Another major concern is related to the logistics of managing such a large network. True, there are many companies devoted to the advancement and hosting of cloud technology, but before such a network is truly integrated into all aspects of the Internet, there needs to be an enormous increase in the coordination of operational technology standards and communications protocols.

Boma Braide of Mavericks Services, commented, "The notion of an ‘Internet of Things’ is something that affects people and businesses in literally every corner of the globe. It’s also something that, as we become more mobile and as the use of devices becomes more widespread, has become more of a necessity."

"We sit at the cutting edge of some remarkable technology, and it’s very exciting to be part of such an innovative industry."

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