A glowing face with beautiful clear skin, is one of the first physical attributes the eyes will notice on a person. With this year's summer season now in full force, millions of women (and lots of men for that matter!) are enhancing their beauty by pampering themselves with soothing beauty treatments, including the very popular facial, which many consider today as one of the best beauty treatments for cleaning and nourishing the facial skin. There are a range of facial treatments being performed professionally at beauty salons and spas. Some of the more popular ingredients for this treatment include using cucumber, chocolate, gold, paraffin and others.

Of course, facials alone are not the answer to having perfect skin. Any professional beauty therapist will tell you that having the right diet and taking general regular care of your skin is just as important. However, when daily skin care routines are followed, having regular professional facial treatment will significantly enhance your skin's natural radiance, providing a refreshing feeling and adding a vibrant look to your face.

Some popular facial treatments include:

Collagen facial - This treatment involves several procedures including exfoliation, deep pore cleansing and lymphatic drainage massage. This helps to make the skin clear and radiant, while helping to prevent wrinkles and puffy eyes.

Aromatherapy Facial - Probably one of the most therapeutic treatments for pampering the face, aromatherapy facial uses fragrant essential oils which contain curative properties. While the skin is being treated the soothing aroma released from the oils captures the senses and makes one feel rejuvenated.

Gold Facial - Gold facials are offered at many well known spas and beauty salons. This treatment involves using creams that contain 24-Carat gold wheat germ oil, Aloe-Vera, and other ingredients, resulting in a smooth and flawless skin. Many Brides to be and those about to attend special events normally go for this. Although a little more on the expensive side, many regard it as totally worth the price of admission.       

At the Carlton Institute, they offer a range of professional beauty courses in London and around the country, including our comprehensive facial treatment course , an essential training programme for all beauty therapists. They also have their elite body massage courses, where in just 3 short weeks students can qualify as a massage specialist, a skill which is ideal for any holistic, spa and beauty therapist.

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