The UK accepts millions of wagers each year. The gambling industry is one of the biggest businesses in the UK and this is mainly because the country embraces most forms of gambling. This also includes playing on online casinos and placing bets on online sportsbooks.

The UK has always been a country that appears on the list of top places with most gamblers. Gambling is simply an industry that is very lucrative in the UK and local players have many online casinos to choose from.

It’s important that players are smart regarding choosing the casinos where they will be playing. Safety and other features should be considered and this online casino guide has the best suggestions when it comes to the best online casinos out there.

Now, underage activities surrounding the online gambling industry are really hard to combat but the UK’s Gambling Commission still wanted to do something regarding this matter. This is why they recently made a change to the rules that they want the operators to follow.

The UK’s Gambling Commission wants to make sure that safety is prioritized when it comes to online gambling practices. This year, new rules have been implemented for the benefit of consumers. These rules, in particular, were announced by the Gambling Commission for the online operators to follow.

Online gambling businesses are now allowed to take 72 hours to conduct age verification checks for their players or customers. Until the age verification has been carried out, the players will not be allowed to withdraw their winnings.

Online casino operators are now required to verify the age of their customers before a deposit into an account can be made. Players aren’t even allowed to gamble whether they have bets, spins, or bonuses that are free without this age verification process.

This rule is also applicable to free-to-play versions of casino games on any website. Even if there is no money involved in this and this isn’t technically gambling, the Commission still believes that there is just no reason to make these games accessible and available to children.

If the player is found to be underage, he or she will have to return the stakes or winnings. This rule will make sure that no children in the UK will be able to gamble.

Aside from ensuring that no underage gambling will happen, the Commission also announced that there are online operators who are treating their players or customers unfairly. There are casinos out there that will require extra few steps before they’re allowed to withdraw their winnings. Because of this, some of the players just opt to no longer get what they won.

The Commission discussed that around 15 percent of the complaints they get regarding online gambling is about casinos that do not allow their players to withdraw their money and winnings unless they submit certain forms of documents or IDs.

To make sure that less or no consumers encounter this problem, the new rules also indicate that the operators are required to verify the name, address, and birth date of the customer before they could gamble.

The operators will still be allowed to ask for additional verification information but they are only allowed to do this before the customers can deposit funds. All additional documents should be properly and clearly disclosed.

It is also the job of the operators to check or verify the accuracy of the customer’s information. They should be the ones to conduct the verification process within the next 72 hours. It should also be noted that the operators aren’t allowed to demand any IDs from customers just before withdrawal.

These rules were announced in February and were implemented in May of this year. The main purpose of having these changes is to help the operators and even the customers from any harm and criminal activities that surround the online gambling industry.

“The changes will help operators better prevent harm or detect criminal activity because they have more information about their customers. In addition, the changes will mean that operators cannot demand that customers submit ID as a condition of cashing out if they could have asked for that information earlier,” according to the UK’s Gambling Commission.

Neil McArthur, The Gambling Commission’s chief executive also said, “These changes will protect children and the vulnerable from gambling-related harm, and reduce the risk of crime linked to gambling. They will also make gambling fairer by helping consumers collect their winnings without unnecessary delay.’’