Following the highly successful launch of Fortitude Non Alcoholic Drinks Everyday Lager - launched at the end of 2020  - Essex-based Fortitude has followed up this ever-popular drink with a UK first - an alcohol-free 'tequila'-flavoured beer.

Fortitude was created by father and son team Tom and Rob after Tom (the son) gave up drinking eight years ago. Whilst alcohol-free beers have come along way in that time, boundaries still need to be pushed to give non-drinkers the same range of drinks that they were used to before giving up or cutting down. Fortitude will be pushing the boundaries on exciting new drinks with further drinks scheduled in for 2021.

Celebrating the traditional taste of tequila, its non-alcoholic tequila from Mockingbird Spirit - the original tequila non-alcoholic alternative in the UK. Mockingbird Spirit marries with Fortitude's beer in a way that other alcohol-free spirits cannot. A light and golden non-alcoholic beer with a touch of tequila taste and reminiscent of a refreshing Mexican Cerveza with those all familiar flavours, Esmeralda was born.

As with the original Fortitude Lager, it is gluten-free and vegan and naturally brewed in the UK to make a tasty 0.5% beer. Esmeralda contains carefully selected, authentic Blue Weber Agave sourced directly from Mexico, with tasting notes of sweet vanilla, cinnamon and the perfect hint of habanero. It also includes the hero ingredient Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that helps your body manage stress and anxiety. Prominent in the art of Ayurveda, this medicinal herb can diminish cortisol levels and boost your energy, leaving the consumer feeling productive and creative rather than bored or lethargic - this gives the effect of drinking without the nasty hangover.

Due for launch on 1 May, this is sure to be a summer hit with those looking to ditch the booze for a healthier lifestyle - a truly unique drink! 

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