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Our Game is the world’s first family friendly football app allowing fans of the sport to interact and feel safer in a global online environment – as users are scored on their behaviour.

Its creators claim the new social media platform is designed to screen out cruel and criminal behaviour using a ‘social scoring’ system.

Darren Galvin, one of the men behind Our Game, said: “At a time when parents worldwide are worried about some of the insidious ways paedophiles and others with murky motives seek to contact children – most recently through the so-called Momo Challenge – our platform is good news.

“It’s designed as a social media space where people can share their news, views and chat around football and their interaction is subject to a social scoring system. Bad behaviour literally can get them booted out.”

Created by Darren, his business partner Danny Webster and the team at Expert Apps, Our Game is designed for anyone aged 13 and overto share their passion about the sport and their clubs – yet they want to avoid the threat of bullying, racism, sexism or verbal online abuse.

Danny, Expert Apps managing director, said: “Our solution is to build a community built upon mutual respect shared interests and the solidarity of its users.

Our Game will embrace all clubs from Premier League, right down to local grassroot league football clubs. Those who interact can do so freely and share their thoughts, opinions, feelings and aspirations for their club and their sport.

“Unlike other spaces this app will be smart. It will use very intelligent ‘social solidarity scoring’ algorithms system to filter content and give a ‘score’ to those who interact. For example our users will be given easy tools including a ‘Swearing Meter’ and an ‘Online Timer’ for parental controls.”

The aim of Our Game is to prioritise those app users who interact in a friendly, kind and decent manner. Members will receive high scores and this will be an indicator to fellow users about this person’s positive behaviour. Persistent poor behaviour could lead to a user being permanently banned or even reported to external authorities.

The app is being launched at an event at the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool on Tuesday April 9. Attending will be the football consultant and investor who has helped in the development of Our Game – Rob Ryles.

Rob is an experienced and qualified football coach and has, during a long career, been involved in working with Stoke City, the England U17 team as well as several universities in the Midlands.

He said: “The game’s governing bodies have made enormous strides in addressing the vital issues around welfare and safeguarding. Football engagement like so much of our lives has gone digital and online. Our Game aims to expand this on field work and create a platform where people, particularly the future generations can meet, share, collaborate, learn and have fun in a recreational, educational and most importantly safe place”

Expert Apps is a brand run by entrepreneurs Darren Galvin and Danny Webster which was launched last year. The pair are on a mission to make the world of the app more accessible to all while providing strong, intelligent and reliable content.

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