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If you are struggling to find new business within your own sector, then it may be time to start looking at other similar sectors that you could start branching out into. While it may not be wise to leap from industry to industry, there are many different sectors that you could find your way into while still maintaining your industry expertise. Thinking Forward Events have always specialised in events-based marketing for the health and beauty industry, however they have recently branched out into the hair and beauty sector - with impressive results.

Managing Director of Thinking Forward Events, Sophinna Asif, is delighted to report that she has recently started working with a popular hair straightening brand. The name of this famous brand is still to be released, but the success of Ms Asif's sales campaign has impressed executives and meant that the client is now looking to work with Thinking Forward Events on a long term basis. This is brilliant news for Thinking Forward Events, and it has got Sophinna thinking about other sectors that she could possibly start getting involved with.

She says, ‘I have always advocated that companies specialise rather than try to be all things to all people, however there are probably sectors within your industry that you haven’t even tapped into yet. I really believe that there are many more opportunities available to you if you cast your net a little wider. If you want to expand then it’s time you sat down and considered which other sectors you could possibly branch out into. The more creative you are, the more results you are likely to get. This exciting new business prospect has inspired me to look at even more sectors that we could branch out into. The possibilities are endless and I am feeling very excited about the next steps for my business.’

Ms Asif is very excited about working alongside this top brand and she is also very much looking forward to being able to reveal their identity. In the meantime, she is busy ploughing all of her resources into making sure that the deal comes off. Is it time you started thinking about other sectors that your business could branch out into? Take a leaf out of Thinking Forward Events’ book and start looking at new avenues for work - you may be surprised at the new opportunities that you create for yourself.

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