Chaucer Auctions
Chaucer Auctions is holding an online live auction of 150 lots of rare Concorde, Space, Aviation and Military memorabilia and autographs on Friday 25th July 2014 starting at 5pm. Follow the links from our website

Concorde Memorabilia & Autographs
Highlights include the personal collection of Concorde memorabilia from former Chief Pilot Captain Mike Bannister. It includes a rare Mach Meter which seldom come on the Market. The last two have both sold for over £25000. A tyre section used in meetings with CAA & UK, French Governments to get Concorde back into service. A large damaged turbine blade which caused an engine shut down. Pitot Nose Probe, Oil Gauge plus many other pieces and autographed covers, photos and presentations

Space Memorabilia & Autographs
Highlights include an Apollo 13 flown map signed by Fred Haise, Stunning colour photo signed by the Apollo XI crew of Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and  Buzz Aldrin, Signed photos from Every Apollo Mission, Yuri Gagarin, Edward White, Gus Grissom and Twelve photos signed by every Moonwalker. Plus other flown items signed photos and presentations.

Military & Aviation Memorabilia & Autographs
Highlights include Winston Churchill, Werner Von Braun, Charles Lindburg, Orville & Wilbur Wright, Amelia Earhart, Luftwaffe autographs, fighter aces and a Men of the Battle of Book signed by 250 pilots.

The sale will be held live with 4 online platforms.,, and We can also take commission bids by post and email prior to the sale. 
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