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Accountability is an individual obligation that a person has to account for their activities and accept responsibility for them, plus to communicate results transparently. Sometimes, it's hard for an individual to remain accountable, so to help, having an accountability buddy can support a person make meaningful progress. By being surrounded by people who are invested in an individual’s success, is one of the best ways to make progress towards achieving goals.

About Live Innovations:

Event marketing firm, Live Innovations teach their staff and sales contractors to take accountability for their actions and progress. Here, the company outlines their tips for becoming accountable and for maintaining an accountability buddy as:

  • Organise a time each week to meet up and stick to that schedule. Stay committed to meeting with an accountability buddy.
  • Work with an accountability buddy to set better goals. Start by setting SMART objectives and write goals down.
  • Maintain a level of honesty with an accountability buddy and give honest feedback.
  • Think about the type of questions to ask that will help an accountability buddy break through barriers.
  • Tell other people what the goals are, so a wider circle of individuals can contribute to maintaining accountability.

Live Innovations teach these steps to their staff and contractors to help them reach their goals. The business state that being accountable can also be kept fun, by adding competition and keeping track of who reaches their goals first. Being accountable in business is essential because it helps a person to stand by the decisions they make and the actions they chose states Live Innovations.

Based in London, event marketing firm, Live Innovations work on behalf of their clients' brands to create unique marketing campaigns, allowing them to connect with consumers at exclusive events directly. The in-person communication used by Live Innovations leads to increase customer acquisitions, brand awareness and a better brand loyalty for their clients.



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