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A tobacconist and tobacco specialist has produced an informative graphic depicting the history of smoking and detailing its origins. The infographic takes the reader on a journey through time, stopping off at all of the important dates in the history of tobacco. From the origins of traditional tobacco in the Americas right through to the modern electronic cigarette; the infographic details how tobacco’s past is continuing to influence its future.

More traditionalist forms of tobacco use such as the smoking of cigars and pipe tobacco are enjoying something of a boom at the moment. The nostalgia and image of the tobacco smoking mediums combined with the array of flavours that they can produce ensure that they are reaching new generations. People who are converting to these traditionalistic forms of tobacco use will be interested to see how steeped in tradition their new pastime is.

The minutiae of smoking tobacco is one of the factors that is most alluring for its fan base. Taking great care in every small detail and aspect is something that is enjoyed by tobacco aficionados all around the world from tightly and carefully rolling cigarettes to packing pipe tobacco to a perfect density. This near-obsessive appreciation of tobacco will resonate in fans when reading the infographic and ingesting the information available.

The infographic starts off by exploring the discovery of tobacco and its earliest recorded usage and then following its progression throughout the world and into a number of different cultures. Despite originally only being cultivated in a relatively small area of the world, tobacco travelled far and wide incredibly quickly. Pioneers from Europe were soon to pick up on the attraction of smoking and transported tobacco to the wider world.

Upon discovering the parts of the Americas where the locals had cultivated and started to smoke tobacco, the exploring Europeans were regularly presented with tobacco as a peace-offering. The likes of Sir Walter Raleigh served to popularise tobacco throughout the UK and Europe, famously coaxing members of the Royal Family to take up the previously unprecedented smoking of tobacco.  

The world’s most famous explorer Christopher Columbus has a section of the infographic dedicated to his endeavours in bringing tobacco to the masses including an exert from his journal detailing the discovery.

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