16 November 2018; London, England – The clothing industry is filled with companies using unsustainable practices that harm the environment. Manufacturers employ chemicals that can affect the hormones of employees and wearers along with polluting the environment. A number of high-profile companies have been identified by Greenpeace for failing to ‘detox’ its manufacturing and become more sustainable.

Tod Boutique Clothing, a company working with independent designers, was created to provide sustainable, high-quality items for customers wanting something different. Each Tod t-shirt, jumper, hoodie, and tote bag is adorned with the symbol of the British wild; the lovable, cuddly fox. Tod’s unique and environmentally conscious indie-artist designs are only available on the company’s website. Each item sold by Tod Boutique is print on demand, which means there is no unnecessary manufacturing and leftover products.

According to Ecowatch, “fast fashion is the second dirtiest industry in the world, next to big oil”. Many people don’t understand the amount of pollution created by major clothing brands. However, it isn’t just energy plants and oil refineries that pollute the Earth as clothing manufacturers harm the environment in much the same way. Tod Boutique aims to get away from the current clothing manufacturing trends with its organically made products.

“We are the perfect clothing brand for people who want to be wardrobe guilt-free,” Tim, Tod Boutique owner, said. “Through our creation of shirts with the loveable Tod character, we hope to do our part in improving the clothing industry.”

Tod products are made from breathable organic cotton. Environmentally conscious shoppers will love the company’s United Kingdom based printers with low-waste ink technology. The use of low-waste ink technology reduces Tod's footprint and guarantees the highest quality prints available.

Purchasing Tod Boutique Clothing items doesn’t just help the environment, but it also aids British wildlife. Every garment bought via the Tod website directly helps the Wildlife Aid Foundation (WAF). Tod donates £1 to the WAF every time a purchase is made on the website.

“Shoppers can feel good that the more they buy, the more we are able to donate to WAF,” Tim said.

“People can wear our creations and not only feel good, but look cool, too.”

Tod Boutique has recently released a new line of hoodies, jumpers, and t-shirts for the holiday period.

Shoppers can find Tod’s latest releases at

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Tod Boutique Clothing is a startup clothing brand inspired by the classic British fox. The company uses indie-artist inspired designs to create its high-quality, sustainable products. Tod uses print on demand, low-waste ink technologies, and each item is made from organic materials. Tod donates £1 from each purchase to the Wildlife Aid Foundation.

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