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Michael Adetona, Managing Director for outsourced sales and marketing firm Tonas Ace Solutions has revealed that, "we try to ensure the business is always evolving and developing. Staying ahead of the competition is tough for any business, so it is important we are constantly reviewing our customers’ needs and understand how the market conditions are changing." The firm have credited innovation for their impressive business development, since expanding from Bournemouth.  

The innovation strategy is now considered as a breadwinner for businesses. Forbes contributor, Robert Reiss revealed this year that innovation itself may well actually be the defining characteristic of successful companies and invited four high profiling CEOs to discuss the topic. These CEOS revealed that to build innovation into a company’s business culture, the following needs to implemented: communication, especially on the firm’s business strategy; strong sense of teamwork; encouraging new ideas and involving third parties e.g. family and friends.

Additionally, the BIS, (the Department for Business Innovation and Skill) supports and strengthens the innovation process with the objective of making the UK the most attractive place in the world to start and invest in technology based businesses. The BIS describes innovation as the process by which new ideas are successfully exploited to create economic, social and environmental value. The BIS also reports that there is practical support available for businesses branching into the strategy of innovation e.g. a Growth Accelerator Programme that provides resources for innovation management and develop an innovation strategy through one to one coaching with experts.

Compiled by Vince Cable and David Willetts, the BIS also featured last years 'Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth' report. The December 2011 report stated that the UK has the potential to be a world leader in innovation, due to the strength of the universities and the wider, more productive knowledge base, which is a national asset.

The Government can also play a key role in ensuring that entrepreneurs and innovators have the best, possible environment in which to operate through e.g. funding blue skies research as well as new discoveries and inventions and seeking to ensure that government policies stimulate rather than hinder UK innovation.

Since their expansion to Manchester, Tonas Ace Solutions have achieved great successes by incorporating innovation into their business strategy. The outsourced sales and marketing firm insist that innovation is a key driver of economic growth and that innovative businesses will be the key figures reshaping the world’s economy and its recovery.

Innovation is undoubtedly the key to success, and businesses that are innovating new ideas over the next decade are more likely to generate profit.

Tonas Ace Solutions are a fine example of progression through innovation.

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