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One company,, has taken the small businesses market by surprise by offering them free online multi-media training in over 20 subjects including, management skills, business skills, and personal development skills. While many people were sceptical at first, time has proven that does indeed provide totally free training, with no catches, no strings, and no drawbacks, just free business training and resources online for anyone who wants to use it.

Managing Director, John Graham, said, "It's been really surprising how sceptical some people and organisations have been to this concept. Some people think that there must be a catch because we are giving our training away for free. However when they visit the site, view the resources on offer and find out there is no catch, no cost, and no selling at all involved, they love it and become converts. The response from users has been over-whelmingly positive and since our formal launch in January 2011 we already have over 2000 business users and currently an average of over 100 new companies are joining the site each week, proving that there is a real need for this type of free practical resource."

John explained further, "We produced these video training courses over a two year period and set up the online training website specifically for the small business user. We explored a range of different models for the project and decided that, given the current economic climate, the best option was to let people have access to all of the training free of charge. Under the present circumstances, small businesses need all the help they can get and this is our way of providing positive and practical support. Hopefully when the economy recovers, and companies are in a position to invest in live training, the companies that have been accessing and using our free online training will come to us first for that advice and service – but the choice is theirs."

John Graham concluded,  "We are all fed up of listening to pundits and political commentators talking in the press, and on television and radio programmes, about how important small businesses are to the economy and how there should be more help available to them, or how government red tape is stifling business, etc. All of which may be true, however very few, if any, of these commentators or politicians follow up these statements with solid practical ideas or realistic solutions to help overcome these difficulties. We have taken this on board and have stepped up to the plate to offer what we believe are practical solutions to help small business owners. We want to help as many businesses as possible to survive the current challenges and the best way we know to do this is by helping companies to develop, and raise individuals personal skill levels so that they can work more effectively and productively within their companies. By providing this training resource free of charge, and making it available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we have made training accessible to all business owners within the UK and not just the privileged few."

The majority of the business training and resources on the website has been produced by the parent company, the Herne Group. Other trainers are also encouraged to offer materials for upload to the site and a number of companies have done this to help to provide a variety of training styles, information, and techniques.

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