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In preparation for the holiday season, Carolyn Budding, a managing director of world renowned Terra Nova Equipment and camping specialists Wild Country Tents, offers her top tips to master tent-pitching.

1. Practice pitching your tent before using it for the first time.

2. Choose a level, sheltered site that is well drained. Sap is almost impossible to remove from flysheet fabric, so avoid pitching under trees.

3. Clear the site of stones and twigs and if possible use a Groundsheet Protector. Groundsheet Protectors are a separate piece of fabric which provide extra protection from sharp objects and rough ground, and help prolong the life of the tent’s groundsheet.

4. Pitch the tent with the back into wind and use natural shelter (hedges, walls etc) where possible. 

5. Always ensure that everything is pegged or weighted down, including the flysheet, while it is awaiting assembly

6. Make sure you have the correct quantity of guy ropes to match your intended circumstance of use. Always use all the guylines on the flysheet. Guylines contribute to the overall strength of the tent, increasing its stability and performance in bad weather. Failure to use guylines correctly may result in damage to the tent.

7. Make sure you have the correct type of peg and are using them correctly to get maximum advantage, the best angle is approximately 45 degrees, with the hook at the top of the peg facing away from the tent. In extreme circumstances you can use two pegs crossed over to get a more secure anchor point.

8. Where there is loose ground or snow, making it difficult to get a secure anchor with a peg, you can fix guy lines to things buried such as rocks or equipment you may have with you such as skis, poles or axes.

9. Once pitched leave the doors closed as much as possible since they increase the strength and stability of the tent. Never leave the doors open if you are away from the tent, particularly on windy days.

10. It is not advisable to wear boots inside the tent. Try to ensure that nothing sharp or abrasive is pushed against the groundsheet inside the tent.

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Terra Nova has a long heritage and has been producing some of the world’s best outdoor gear for over 20 years. Terra Nova products are tried and tested in both the company own labs and in the most extreme environments across the planet. Terra Nova’s ‘Best in Class’ design ethos drives an ambition to utilise and develop some of the best parts and materials available, resulting in award winning products that are used by people who push them to the limits. Terra Nova’s tents hold multiple Guinness World Records, and the company is considered to be the brand of choice for most outdoor professionals across the world.


Wild Country camping products from Terra Nova Equipment are designed for customers seeking the perfect combination of reliability, simplicity of use and great value. Taking some of the design and quality standards from the Terra Nova range, Wild Country products offer the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Used by everyone from the serious outdoor enthusiasts, to novice and family campers, Wild Country products allow anyone to escape and enjoy the great outdoors.

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