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  • New videos to be aired on terrestrial tv
  • New ebook (just published on Kindle Amazon) http://bit.ly/amazontransferencemusic also contains a free download & a free flipbook for your desktop is available to purchasers of the ebook.
  • Book Interview by Jan Jacob Mekes http://www.mekesbooks.com/2014/11/30/qa-mike-puskas/
  • Infograph (with more to come)
  • Band featured until the end of December 2014 on Sacred Music Radio http://www.sacredmusicradio.org/
  • Radio plays hotting up, with a further radio campaign in Jan 2015 in the run up to the album release.
  • Talks of tours
  • Album release end of Jan 2015
  • Album distributed via Universal

Oh and by the way a plea goes out to the wonderful Pink Floyd, they didn’t mean to rip off one of your quotes in their first ebook they just got a bit over excited so please don’t litigate! Well at least not until they’ve sold a shed load of tickets for their next gigs/tour & cd’s, did we mention they are being released on vinyl, lovely artwork too.

So, Transference from OZ (that’s Australia to us) are getting around & over the next year should be available to play around the globe, they are not called "The Navigators" for nothing! Seriously now these guys are a unique act, their live sound is electrifying & they are getting ready to journey to a place near YOU.

Meet the band. The touring lineup is:

Astral (Mike Puskas)

Scorpius (Steven Harris)

Celeste (Mary Jennings)

Orion (Loughlin Harrick)

Cosmic (David Garland)

The recording line up for the upcoming album "The Navigators" is:

Mike Puskas

Steven Harris

Georgia Harris

Loughlin Harrick

Kata Ruszic

Julian Reid

Now you might be asking yourselves why the intergalactic names!!!! Well the band have a message in their music and have decided it would be fun to convey it as a journey through the cosmos as "The Navigators" and invite you to join them on this exploration, which is an inner journey with electrifying performances & musical satsangs. There will be a series of follow up ebooks to the first one where fans can both engage with the bands journey but also be a fun way to explore your own inner journey (for those who wish to do so.) Lots more to come, so in the meantime check out the links, sign up to the band’s mailing list & connect through their various social channels. People are showing a lot of interest in this band, check them out.Their website is www.transferencemusic.com

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