Lancashire based Trantec Solids Handling, a leading provider of powder handling equipment for the Bulk Solids handling industry, has taken the concept of innovation one step further and has built a diverse range of screw feeders that are equipped with problem-solving features for many different sectors, such as food and pharmaceutical. These have enabled the company to leverage the power of existing technology and to evolve with industry 4.0. Unlike other metering screw feeders that pose significant challenges for operators, Trantec’s unique, eye-catching components play a big part in how novice operators handle the screw feeders.

Since the first-ever Volumetric screw feeder was introduced, in 1997, Trantec has focused on meeting the needs of its customers by responding to their requirements. For instance, if there is an occasion where the material has proof flow characteristics, then Trantec is prepared to make modifications and make the necessary changes. With the bonus of designing the screw feeders in a modular design and adding easy-clean quick release features, Trantec has the solution for all types of materials.

However, Trantec is not only recognised as an indispensable design and manufacturer of screw feeders, but the company has also managed to distinguish themselves by being acknowledged problem solvers with the ability to create innovative solutions where particular customer requirements are taken into account. For this reason, every screw feeder manufactured by the company can achieve optimum performance and accuracy. This is particularly important for companies in the food and Pharma sectors where accuracy is crucial, and therefore, Trantec feeders consist of unique features that allow processing of fine powders and large particles (harsh materials).

Through the years, Trantec has gained a great deal of experience when it comes to supplying powder handling equipment in compliance with all international regulations. With that being said, EC and FDA approved materials of construction are used. In order to fulfil customer demands, Trantec has incorporated PFTE based shaft seals that allow the screw feeders to withstand aggressive environments and hot conditions.

There are many challenges within the food and pharmaceutical industry that pose a potential issue. One of those areas of concern is to reduce the risk of product contamination. Trantec addresses this by providing custom made metal detectable blue silicone elastomers throughout their screw feeder machines. These are manufacturing in-house using the latest 3D printing and casting techniques.

The added reliability of being able to dismantle the entire machine within five minutes is down to the quick release features and adding interchangeable parts that are pre-cleated and prepared away from the production area. This allows even the most novice operators to strip down and rebuild the feeder in around five minutes.

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