Ensuring product safety is the number one priority for any food or pharmaceutical company, and a key aspect of this is avoiding contamination during production. Equipment design and manufacture play a key role in achieving this, and the metering feeders used for processes such as powder dosing and filing are no exception.

When it comes to quality, you generally get what you pay for. If a quotation for a new screw feeder seems to be much lower than others, be sure to check the specification, particularly the materials that are being used. Not only is the quality of materials important (such as the use of stainless steel), but so too is the quality of production. For this reason, the feeders need to be modular and robust in design.

The type of screw feeder and its design capacity will determine the number of components. At some point during the design process, the feeders will need to be supported by add on components that prevent product contamination. In terms of design, there are methods in place to prevent cross-contamination. The feeders are equipped with metal detectable blue silicone elastomers which can also be custom made to meet customer requirements.

Since the issue of product contamination takes centre stage, it is important to regularly clean, inspect and maintain the screw feeder equipment. Trantec’s feeders consist of easy-clean features that allow even the most novice operators to strip and clean the entire machine within five minutes quickly.

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