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"We have received dozens of requests for more training in the UK this being the third of many to come," said Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer for T71. "The courses use standards-based cyber and threat intelligence curriculum requiring hands-on collection, production, structured analytic techniques, types of analysis, analytic writing and dissemination." Treadstone 71 course information

T71's training is based upon the intelligence community tradecraft derived from Sherman Kent (CIA) and validated by students from the intelligence community who have taken the Treadstone 71 courses. The T71 courses started at Utica College 9 years ago and generated a flood of interest in Intelligence, leading to an oft emulated program.

"The Treadstone 71 training is based in physical tradecraft as adapted to the cyber arena," continued Bardin. "Former and current members of the intelligence community indicate this course is the best private sector course ever taken to help students understand cyber threat intelligence and counterintelligence tradecraft. Students state the courses allow them to simulate real and live working environments where they collaborate together to harvest open sources, build their own targeted information sharing and analysis center capabilities, analyze data, draft reports, and satisfy stakeholder needs."

Treadstone 71's training includes passive intelligence collection using hands-on case studies. Students progress through the course executing tasks based upon the instruction while following the cyber intelligence lifecycle while incorporating threat intelligence.

"No other organization delivers tradecraft instruction and methods that drive prevention while serving as the basis of cyber and threat intelligence programs for many of the Fortune 500 and beyond," said Bardin. “We have taught this course in Australia, the EU, the UK, Malaysia, the US, and Singapore.” High level benefits of the Treadstone 71 training

The course start date is June 18 in London near Paddington Station. Seats are limited. Course information and registration is located at

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