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Former TV presenter and journalist Emma Wilson – who has built a bespoke wedding and corporate film business operating globally – is running retreats to support fellow videographers. 

The 46-year-old who enjoyed a 20 year career in the media – working for both ITV and the BBC – has established herself as one of Europe’s leading wedding and corporate videographers working with celebrities worldwide through her brand Story Of Your Day.

She is also a Canon-recognised videographer and presented at The Photography Show at the NEC this year and will be doing the same in 2019. 

Now dividing her time between the UK and Switzerland, she’s running two-day retreats to help others upskill or start out on their journey in running a cinematic videography business – weddings or otherwise. 

Her retreat for females (or anyone identifying as female) takes place between Monday November 19 and Thursday November 22 which includes travel days. 

“I’m passionate about working with and upskilling women in a very male-dominated sector. Developing creative and technical skills alongside the people management required to create an outstanding film, takes time and practice for everyone,” Emma said.

Other retreats for mixed gender and non-binary participants are being planned. 

“The evidence is all there – video is the future of marketing online and it’s always been the most powerful tool for story-telling. I’m experienced at wedding videography as well as corporate films and I bring my visual awareness from my tv career with me.  

“Weddings are among the most difficult projects to film as the control a videographer has is limited, the event is fast-moving and ever-changing and you have to try manage a group of people who are there to celebrate with a loved one or friend – not there to help you do your job. If you can tell the story of a wedding, you can tell almost any story on any subject.”

Emma’s retreats, known as Evolve Retreat, are intense two-day courses designed to:

  • Enhance visual awareness to create a compelling story.
  • Inspire business confidence
  • Develop technical mastery of kit and learn hidden tricks of the trade. 

The retreats are held at the five-star Romantiz Spa Hotel, Schweizerhoff in Grindelwald and the investment starts at £1,495 plus VAT. 

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