It's not often we write such a quick update on a news item, but Twitter have been pretty impressive with how quickly their security has been escalated since last week, when it was reported a sophisticated hacking attempt had been made on the company and more than 250,000 user details compromised.

Just days after announcing the attack, Twitter has issued vacancy information for new security team members to create a better, more secure account platform for users. A primary aim of the new platform will be multi-authentication to help identify when attempted fraudulent logins are carried out.

What Are Multi-Authenticated Logins?

When you sell Samsung or Nokia or whatever smartphone you're offloading to get your hands on a sexy new iPhone 5, and Apple asks to register with things like security questions, this can make up the base of multi-authenticated login details.

Multi-authenticated logins are typically a blend of at least two of three common areas – something you know (e.g. a password), something you have (like a phone number or user name) and something you are, which covers biometric data like fingerprints or retinal scans.

Multi-authentication is certainly becoming more common. Would you sell your iPhone for a smartphone that would only open after scanning your fingerprint? Money4Machines meet loads of folks looking to sell mobile phones for a simple upgrade, but how important is security to individuals?

For those not quite sure if their password is up to scratch, they can read advice from Money4Machines on how to create a good password here.

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